a rose for emily

  • Period: to


  • emily was born

    emily was born
  • fathers death

    fathers death
    her father dies at the dinner table i assume of a heart attack. shae is devistated by his death as he was the only man in her klife because he disalowed her to date. after his death she is allowed to date.
  • fathers body taken from emily

    after her fathers death she was devistated. she denied to her friends and family that he was dead. she kept his body for several days after he died.men finaly forced in and took his dead body.
  • met hommer

    after her fathers death she was able to date men.she soon found hommer. a forman on a work crew rebuilding a side walk by her home
  • bought arsenic poison

    bought arsenic poison
    she asks for poison at the store and when the clerk tells her arsenic is the best she wants that. he asks what it is for but she doesnt respond
  • hommer leaves town because of cousins

    it is not known for sure but it is assumed hommer is ran out of emily's home because of her anoying cousins.
  • men spread lime around house

    the smell is so bad that men sneak into her property and spread lime all around trying to deaden the strong odor
  • weird smell coming from emily's home

    a discusting smell is coming from emily's home but it is never explained
  • china paint lessons

    china paintinemily teaches students to paint on china.her lessons last for a while but the students soon stop coming
  • emily's taxes remitted

    emily refuses to pay her taxes
  • new generation tried collecting her taxes

    the tax collectors are persistant but emily refuses to pay
  • emily death

    emily dies old and alone
  • skeleton found in her home

    after emily's death her cousins go to a room that had been unopened for some time and find the dead body of hommer. they also find a long gray hair asumed to be emilys