• The Colonists Rebel!!!!

    The Colonists Rebel!!!!
    It's the night of March 5,1770.The street of Boston are cover with newly - fallem snow. Despite the cold, many people are out working. Edward Garrich s among the Bostoniabns yelling insults at Hugh White, a British soldier on duty!!!!
  • The Boston Massacre!!!

    The Boston Massacre!!!
    Tensions had been rising in Boston since the British soldiers first arrived in 1768. First fights between soldiers and conlists were a comon sight in the streets. So in the midle of the night March 5,1770. The city was ready to explode. When angry colinists surrounded Hugh White and his soldiers, the soldiers panicked!!!!!!!
  • The Boston Tea Party!!!!!

    The Boston Tea Party!!!!!
    In 1773,Committees of Correspondence began writting about the Tea Act, a new law passed by Pariament. The tea Act said that one British Company - The East India Company - would be the only Company allowed to sell tea to the Conlies!!!...
  • The American Revolution!!!!

    The American Revolution!!!!
    The American Revolutionary war in 1775 - 1783, also known as "The American War Of Indepenence!!" was a war between the kingdom Great Britain and thirteen British Colonies on the North American Continent.
  • Britain Taxes!!!!

    Britain Taxes!!!!
    By 1765 the American colonies already had a long tradition of self -government. Since they never voted for Parliament colonists complained, Parliament had no right to tax them.!!!!!