How to care for roses 11

A Rose for Emily by Rebecca Maibach

  • Miss Emily's father dies

  • Homer arrives in town

    Homer Barron arrives in town to build sidewalks
  • Emily buys poision

    Emily buys poision
    Emily goes to the drugstore to buy posion.
  • Miss Emily's cousins come to visit

    Some of the towns women feel it is their responsability to write to Miss Emily's cousin to come and visit her.
  • Homer Barron leaves

    The sidewalks are done and Homer Barron leaves
  • Weird smell developes

    A weird smell developes around Miss Emily's house
  • Smell is gone

    Some of the men from the town spread lime around her Miss Emily's house to get rid of the wird smell.
  • Emily gives china painting lessons

    Emily gives china painting lessons
    Emily gives china painting lessons to the daughters and grandaughters of Colonel Sartoris' contemporaries
  • Emily's taxes are remitted

    Emily's taxes are remitted
    Some of the men on the town counsil decided that it was time that Emily started paying her taxes again.
  • Aldermen try to collect Miss Emily's taxes

    Aldermen go to Miss Emily's house to collect taxes, and are turned away
  • Emily's death

    Emily dies around the age of 74
  • Homer's skeleton is discovered

    Homer's skeleton is discovered
    After Miss Emily's death the town's people knocked down the door of the room that had been closed off for 40yrs. and finds Homer Barrons body in the bed.