landoll.danica patrick

  • Danica Patrick Was Born

    She was born on March 25, 1982 in Beloit, Wisconsin. she grew up in Roscoe, Illinois.
  • Earthquake

    The biggest earthquake in 40 years measureed 7.4
  • Parents

    Her parents inspired her at age 10.
    Her mom is a mechanic
    Her dad raced snow mobiles and motocross bikes.
  • Computers

    Smaller and cheaper computers.
  • Karting races

    Won 39 out of 49 of her karting races.
  • Princess Diana

    Princess Diana
    Princess Diana dies from a car accident.
  • Indy Race

    Indy Race
    She was the fourth woman in the indyrace followed by Milka Duno, Sarah Fisher, and Lyn St. James
  • Moved To England

    Danica moved to England. She switched from driving go-karts to real race cars. This means she would be leaving her friends and family.
  • Marriage

    Danica and Paul got married. Her family, friends, and husband come to all of her races.
  • Danicas Name

    Danica means "morning star." As sh became more popular in her racing so did her name. In 2005 more parents started to name there daughters Danica.
  • Indycar race

    Indycar race
    The first woman to win an Indycar race.
  • Never Stopped

    Never Stopped
    Danica tried to win an Indycar race and many people thought she couldn't win because she was a woman.