Alkatib.J.K. Rowling

  • Vietnam War

    Lots and lots of lives lost.
    Familes lost
  • A Writer Is Born

  • Snape Is Born

    Snape Is Born
    her 2nd grade teacher was based on Proesser Snape because she was mean
  • Childhood

    people made fun of her because of her last name.
    She was called stuiped because of her math grade.
    She was also shy about her writing.
  • The Potters

    Were based on the Welseys on the Harry Potter Book
  • Jessica Is Born

    Jessica was with her at all time.
    Was an Infant.
  • Tight Fit

    she had lots and lots of interviews.
    She was rich made 20 million dollers.
    She was on the news.
  • Goblet Of Fire And More

    Goblet Of Fire And More
    Millions of copies made of the book.
    Thousands of dollers spent.
    One of the most richest ladies in britten
  • 9/11 boom

    changed muslims lives.
    everyone thought muslims were terrerest.
  • The Thriller Is Ended

    The Thriller Is Ended
    Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows is finish.
    Thats the last book in the series
  • Obama Ends Iraqi War

    Obama Ends Iraqi War
    No more deathes
    Iraq cleans up