A Rose for Emily

  • Father dies

    Father dies
    He was eating at the dining room table, and he had a stroke while eating. Emily had kept her dead father in her house for three days because she didn't want to let go of him.
  • Weird smell develops

    Weird smell develops
    Everybody in the town was smelling something weird, they thought it was a dead rat or snake. But it really turned out to be Homer's dead body.
  • To make the house smell good

    To make the house smell good
    the men go to her house at night and put lime around her house to get rid of the smell
  • China painting lessons

    China painting lessons
    She did painting lessons to get some money and to have something to do
  • Taxes remitted

    Taxes remitted
  • Men try to collect taxes

    Men try to collect taxes
  • Emily dies

    Emily dies
    She died from old age, lack of sunlight, and was sick.