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Historical Figures in the Field of Mental Retardation

  • Harry Laughlin

    <a href="http://members.cox.net/fenderb/Laughlin.pdf" rel="ugc nofollow">Harry Laughlin</a>
    Paved the way for involuntary sterilization laws. Work:
    Zealous supportor of compulsory sterilization.
    "Hereditary defectives" are tramps, beggars, alcoholics, criminals, the feebleminded, the insane, etc.
    Snitch on your neighbor. Why:
    One step further than Goddard - i.e., instead of institutionalizing the feeble-minded, we should also sterilize them, too.
  • Henry Goddard

    <a href="http://members.cox.net/fenderb/Godard.pdf" rel="ugc nofollow">Henry Goddard</a>
    Pioneer of the eugenics movement in the U.S.
    Created the concept of the "moron." Work:
    The Kallikak Family (1931)
    Mental retardation was a matter of tainted blood.
    Moronity is best managed by segregation. Why:
    In later years, Goddard recanted some of his findings.
  • Barbel Inhelder

    <a href="http://members.cox.net/fenderb/Inhelder.pdf" rel="ugc nofollow">Barbel Inhelder</a>
    Children with MR follow same developmental pattern as normal functioning children, just at a slower rate. Work:
    Conservation and concrete operations.
    Clay and Sugar Why:
    Looked at abilities rather than IQ.
  • Seymour Sarason

    Seymour Sarason
    Helped begin deinstitutionalization.
    Changed where people with MR were taught. Work:
    Community could be more responsive to human needs.
    People's roles should be based on abilities and interests. Why:
    I agree with some of his major themes.
  • Wolf Wolfensberger

    <a href="http://members.cox.net/fenderb/Wolfensberger.pdf" rel="ugc nofollow">Wolf Wolfensberger</a>
    Developed the Social Role Valrisation (SRV) Work:
    Grade society on how well it provides services to people with MR. Why:
    Improved residential services for those with MR.