The Battles

  • Summer

    We got defeated really bad by the british. Then a school teacher, "Nathan Hale" steped up to spy on the british.
  • WInter hard times

    It was winter and a lot of the troops were going home. We needed more troops to fight. Some people even said we should let African Americans to come and hold a gun and serve as a soilder in the army.
  • Americans

    The Americans did not go back to Albany, they stayed in Philidalphia. They slowed down brithish, by leving to go get more supplies. 800 troops and some Africans Americans went with to clame the land of American supply base.
  • Surrounded

    The brithish are kind of in trouble. They need more troops but they dident arrive. Other armys were still in Philidalphia. Burosyne found himself surrounded by a larger army
  • Battle

    The British had a plan to take over the Hudson river. That would seperate new england form the middle colonists. The plan was to sneak behind the partrios then shoot fire. 8000 troops went with the bristish.
  • Africans Americans

    Some states let enlisted Africans Americans fight the only states that did not have enlisted Africans Americans was South Caroloina.
  • Troops

    There was 5000 troops that fought in the war. Some Africans helped the Patriots because they knew the cause of the war. Others did it bcause the need money or to fight for freedom.