• No taxes

    Briain's Parliament taxesthe colonists ,
  • protesting

    Colonists protest british laes
  • "No taxation without representation!"

    "No taxation without representation!"
    the american colonies already had a long tradition of self goverment.since they nevervoted for parliament,colonist complained parliament had no rights taxing them,this idea led to a popular protest cry:"NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!"More and more people throughout colonies decided that they did not want to pay British taxes.
  • stamp act

    stamp act
    To help pay the armys costs the parliament passed the stampact
  • good bye colonists

    First colonists die in struggle against British
  • dumping

    Protesters dump British tea in the harbor
  • britain and colonist

    britain and colonist
    Fighting begins between Britain and the colonists
  • Independence

    colonies declare independence
  • wining independence

    wining independence
    United States wins the war and its Independence