Civil War Timeline

Timeline created by pijanoad
  • Kansas- Nebraska Act

    Kansas- Nebraska Act
    Description: A bill that organized the territories of Kansas and Nebraska. They could choose whether or not to allow slavery.
    Significance: The South was gaining power because slavery was allowed to spread.
    Cause: Stephen Douglas wanted to build a railroad through the territories. He also knew that the South would protest because they would be free territories.
    Effect: The Missouri Compromise was repealed and territories were allowed to decide whether to be slave or free.
  • Dred Scott Supreme Court Case

    Dred Scott Supreme Court Case
    Description: Dred Scott sued his master for freedom in the Supreme Court because he had lived in free territories
    Significance: Slavery had become such a hot issue that the Supreme Court had to step in.
    Cause: Dred Scott won his freedom in a Southern Court after arguing that he was free because he had lived in a free territory . His master appealed until the case ended up before the Supreme Court
    Effect: Scott was denied his freedom and Missouri Compromise was declared unconstitutional and it
  • Hanging of John Brown

    Hanging of John Brown
    Description: John Brown was hung after an unsuccesful raid on Harper's Ferry.
    Significance: The nation was becoming divided over the issue of slavery.
    Cause: John Brown tried to take over Harper's Ferry and start a slave revolt with the weapons. He was captures by marines.
    Effect: Brown became a martyr in the North and caused increased tensions in the South.
  • Election of 1860

    Election of 1860
    Description: A presidenttal election between Republican Abraham Lincoln, Union Party candidate John Bell and Democrat Stephen Douglas and John Breckinridge.
    Significance: America had become so divided that there were really two seperate presidental elections going on.
    Cause: The debate over slavery. Lincoln wanted to stop its expansion, Douglas wanted to leave the issue to the states, Breckinridge wanted to protect slavery and Bell wanted to create a compromise between the North and South.
  • Election of 1860

    Election of 1860
    Effects: Lincoln was elected as president of the United States. The majority of the South responded by leaving the Union and forming the Confederacy.
  • The Bombardment of Fort Sumter

    The Bombardment of Fort Sumter
    Description: Rebel forces bombarded Fort Sumer, an American Fort, with canon fire.
    Significance: The Union was so split that the sections were willing to resort to violence.
    Cause: Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, being elected as President.
    Effect: The rapid succesion of Southern States and the start of the Civil War.