• religion

    roman catholic
  • Birth

    John F. Kennedy was born may 29,1917 on tuesday in Brooklynn, Massachusetts.
  • party

    his political party was democratic
  • college

    John went to college in 1963 at Harvard University
  • navy

    Kennedy joined the navy because he couldnt be in the army because he had back problems.
  • election

    John Kennedy was elected president.
  • speech

    John F. Kennedy gave a speech at Saint Anselm College on May 5, 1960, regarding America's conduct in the emerging Cold War.
  • john f. kennedy jr

    John F. Kennedy, Jr. was born in 1960, just a few weeks after his father was elected. John died in 1999, when the small plane he was piloting crashed en route to Martha's Vineyard, killing him, his wife, Carolyn Bessette
  • necular weapons

    necular weapons
    Kennedy had problems with the israli government about making necular weapons.
  • planes

    On October 14, 1962,spy planes took photographs in Cuba of ballistic missile sites under construction by the Soviets in previous months.
  • peace

    Johns first presidential decision was to activate the Peace Corps
  • letter

    May 1963 sent a letter to Ben-Gurion
  • another visit and speech

    On June 26, 1963, Kennedy visited West Berlin and gave a public speech about American commitment
  • disagreement

    August 24 followed, stating: Washington would no longer tolerate Nhu's decisions and Lodge was ordered to pressure Diem to remove his brother.
  • missions

    In October 1963, the president appointed Defense Secretary McNamara and Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor to a Vietnam mission in another effort to synchronize the information and formulation of the policy.
  • death

    John Kennedy was assasinated.
  • assasination

    killed in dallas texas when shot by Lee Harvey Oswald who was killed two days later
  • kennedys visit

    On December 22, 2006, the Irish Department of Justice released declassified police documents that indicated that Kennedy was the subject of three death threats during this visit.