Chapter 25 timeline

By andyk14
  • KKK

    the ku klux klan was founded by colonel simmons. this was a white supremacist group.
  • 18th amendment: prohibition

    18th amendment: prohibition
    congress passed this amendment to prohibit sale and making of alcoholic beverages.
  • the red scare

    the red scare
    the red scare was an outbreak of national alarm. the radicals from america were turning to cumminsits due to the revolution in russia,and people were scared this would take over.
  • the scare heightens

    the scare heightens
    a series of bombings, to all different cities, and in the iron and steel industries, led to a big panic. this heightedned the red scare.
  • Palmer's Raids

    Palmer's Raids
    palmer seized communists and anarchists and deported them, he did this to many of each party, without due process of law.
  • At the top

    At the top
    america's people are enjoying the highest standard of living in the world, and the economy is booming very quickly.
  • volstead act

    volstead act
    affiliated with prohibition, this act banned production of alcohol containing more than one half of 1 percent alcohol by volume.
  • demise of red scare

    demise of red scare
    the red scare strarted to diminish, government officials wanted hearings on due process of law before any more people were deoprted.
  • election of harding

    election of harding
    president warren harding is elected to office. therefore giving the white house to the republicans.
  • sheppard-towner act

    sheppard-towner act
    big part of feminist movement, gave federal aid to create state programs for maternal and infant health care.
  • fordney-mccumber tariff act

    fordney-mccumber tariff act
    highest tariff ever. raised it to 60%.
  • scopes trial

    scopes trial
    a court case in which a teacher was prosecuted for teaching darwins ways of evolution. this was a major controversy.
  • teapot dome

    teapot dome
    albert fall, secretary of interiors, gave forbidden permission for oil companies to drill for oil on us navy drilling lands in wyoming.
  • Urban league publishing

    Urban league publishing
    in 1923, the urban league started to publish "opportunity" a magazine that was devoted to studies or racial issues.
  • death of harding

    death of harding
    after warren hardings death, vice president coolidge would assume presidency.
  • national origins quota act

    national origins quota act
    this act limitied immigration to the united states. this was a very racitst act. it generally favored northern europeans.
  • election of 1924

    election of 1924
    colidge wins this election in a land slide. facing opponents of davis and la follette.
  • fall of the klan

    fall of the klan
    by 1925, membership in the klan fell dramatically. the klan was pretty much non-existent by the end of the twenties.
  • election of 1928

    election of 1928
    land slide victory for the republicans, while having hoover take over the presidency from colidge.
  • boom of the radio

    boom of the radio
    radio was becoming popular, and every place sold them even grocery stores. in 1929 nbc started the first successful radio broadcast network.