Major Events In American History

By wang.2
  • Jan 1, 1492

    Columbus Discovers America

    Columbus Discovers America
    In 1492 columbus discovered America while he was trying to find a shorter route to India. He discovered the New World when he landed on the island of San Salvador. He claimed the land for Spain.
  • Jamestown Virginia

    Jamestown Virginia
    In 1607, the English came to Jamestown Virginia and made their first permanant settlement, on the banks of the James River, 60 miles from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. They sufered from terrible hardships in the early years but managed to endure.
  • Slaves

    In 1619, Europeans brought Africans to America. Africans worked as slave laborers on cotton and tabacco plantations in the south. Over time, slavery was more common in the south other than the north.
  • Pilgrams arrive at Plymouth

    Pilgrams arrive at Plymouth
    In 1620, the Pilgrams arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts. As a form of Self Government based on majority rule, the Pilgrams signed the Mayflower Compact. This is what the United States Constitution is based on.
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    In 1770, British soldiers fired at a crowd of unharmed colonists. They killed an Ex-Slave named Crispus Attucks. This was the first casualty in the cause for American Independence from British rule.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    In 1773, Boston civilians wanted to protest the recent taxes on tea and other items. To do this, they dressed as indians and dumped over-priced British Tea into the Boston Harbor.
  • The shot heard round the world

    The shot heard round the world
    In 1775, in Concord, Massachusetts was the start of the American Revolution. "The shot heard round the world", happened with the first two battles of the American Revolution, the battles of Lexington and Concord.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    On July 4, 1776, Thomas Jeffereson wrote the Declaration of Independence. This declared the thirteen original colonies their independance from Great Britain.
  • The Constitution

    The Constitution
    In 1787 the liberties that were fought for in the Revolution were protected by the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution was written by the Constitutional Convention and it created a strong new government.
  • Bill of Rights

    Bill of Rights
    In 1791 The first ten amendments were put into what is called the Bill of Rights. It stated some things that were not stated in the Constitution and it protected an individuals rights and freedoms.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    In 1803, the Louisiana Purchase was made. A large amount of land was purchased from France by the U.S. and this nearly doubled the land area of the U.S.
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    From 1812-1814, a war was fought between the U.S. and Great Britian. During this time, the British troops burned the capitol and White House. Our national song, "The Star Spangled Banner" was also written by Frances Scott Key.
  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush
    In 1848 in California, gold was discovered. After it was found, 80,000 people "rushed" toward the West in hope that they too would find gold in their searches.
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Uncle Tom's Cabin
    In 1852, a book called Uncle Tom's Cabin was published. The author was Harriet Beecher Stowe and it raised awareness about the evils of slavery.
  • The Civil War

    The Civil War
    In 1861 after Abraham Lincoln became president, the civil war began. Eleven southern states formed a confederacy led by Jefferson Davis and fought against The free states, or the Union, led by Abraham Lincoln. The Civil War ended in 1865.
  • World War 1

    World War 1
    From 1914-1918 World War 1 took place. The war was between the Allies and the Central Powers. In 1917 on the side of the Allies, the U.S. joined the war and helped contribute to their win.
  • Women Suffrage

    Women Suffrage
    In 1920, the 19th amendment was passed. It stated that the rights of the citizens in the U.S. to vote wouldn't be determined by gender. It over all, started awareness about women suffrage.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    In 1929, many workers couldn't find jobs. This act was calle The Great Depression and it was caused by a stock market crash. The Great Depression lasted until about the 1940's.
  • World War 2

    World War 2
    From 1939-1945 World War 2 took place. It was fought between the Allies and the Axis. It was aso the most widespread war in history.
  • End of Segregation

    End of Segregation
    In 1954, segregation was considered unconstitutional and was ended. Black and White schools were now considered equal and so were black and white people. Of course some people didn't believe these fact were true, but it madeamerica what it is today.
  • Civil Rights Act

    Civil Rights Act
    In 1964 the Civil Rights Act was passed. This act owtlawed discrimination in voting and getting jobs.
  • Martin Luther King Jr.

    Martin Luther King Jr.
    In 1969 the civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis. This was a tradgedy because he helped influence many americans to abolish slavery.
  • Moon Landing

    Moon Landing
    On July 20, 1969, the first time man landed on the moon. Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on teh moon and 500 million people worldwide watched him do it. It was the largest television audience for a live broadcast at that time.
  • Watergate Scandal

    Watergate Scandal
    In 1974, Richard Nixon was involved in the Watergate Scandal and resigned. In the Watergate Scandal, people were trying to "bug" the telephones of the Democratic committe. Nixon was involved because it was said that he helped hde information about the break-in.
  • 9/11

    On September 11, 2001, terrorists bombed the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. This act killed about 3,000 people and injured many others.
  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama
    In 2008, Obama was elected to be the president of the U.S. In 2009, he was inaugurated and he became our first African American President.