unit 2 revolution

  • bostan massacre

    bostan massacre was a street fight thathappened between the patrot mob and the british soldiers. A bunch of coloists were killed during the street fight. and this led a companing speech to rouse citizens
  • bostan tea party

    the brtish parliament autihoorized the east india cl.,witch faced banurptcy do to depravity and miss handling.to export a have in millons pounds of tea to a american colonies for the purpose of selling it without obeying upon the company the usally duties charges
  • battle of new york

    the largest and first major war it took place in new york .
  • declaration of independence singing

    john adams ,bejarm franklin, thomas jefferson roger sheraman, and robert r.livingston all sing the deceration of independence. this document is ruled followed by used of americans today and has been folloed by ameicans for years and years.
  • battle of trenton

    washington and his army crossed delware and suprised the british at trenton. main act was made by 2,400 troops under washington on the nation garrison .washington troops got totaled suprise and defeated the british force. the american victory was the first of the war, and help to resore the american moral.
  • battle of princeton

    this battle was between the british in the americans
  • vally forge

    the battle of vally forge was from december 19th 1777 to june 19th 1778. this was not a actual battle.
  • battle of new york town

    this battle took 2 mounths to fight it was form sept 8 to october 9 1781. the americans in french was against the british. the americans and french won the war.
  • treaty of paris (the one that ened the war)

    the battle was between the americans in the british and ened the french in idian war.
  • Battle of bunker hill

    the americans armed with muskets. the british men wore red coats
  • Battle of lexington/ concord

    Battle of lexington / concord made up two battles on april18th. on arpil 18 1775 brtish genreal thomas gage.
  • battle of saratoroga

    this battle took place in saratoga on the hutson river in new york state . the british and german was against the americans. the winners the americans becaues they forced the surrender of burgones force.