9/11 Timeline

  • My Theory

    You can never be 100% sure why the attacks on 9/11 happened, but I think it probably was because U.S. did some bad thing like keeping an Egyptian dictator in power so Israel had an Arab ally, or when they supported Saddam Hussein when he invaded Iran, because they like didn’t Iranians, but when he threatened the American oil sources, America turned around and attacked Saddam. And also even though I don’t think it is bad the Americans support Israel, and the terrorists certainly think it’s bad.
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    The dust from the collapsed towers was highly toxic.
    There were many bad things in the air and it could cause kidney-, heart-and liver problems.
    Many were smitten with pulmonary fibrosis. It makes you lose your breath really, really easily. More and more cases are appearing in which people are developing serious breathing issues. Health effects also extended to some residents, students and office workers of Lower Manhattan and Chinatown.
  • 7:59

    Flight 11 with 86-92 passengers took off from Logan International Airport in Boston and headed toward Los Angeles International Airport. Take-off was scheduled for 7:45.
    The same goes for three other planes. If you add up the passengers and crew of all four planes, there were 265. The weird thing was that were 490 empty seats in those planes.
  • 8:01

    Flight 93 take off from New Jersey and are supposed to go to San Fransisco, California. Even though the planes maximum capacity is 200 passenger, there's only 44 passengers on the plane.
  • 08:13

    This is the time when the connection to Flight 11 is lost, also the plane turn 20 degrees to the right.
  • 8:14-8:20.

    Flight 11 goes offcourse and is declared hi-jacked.
  • 8:14

    Flight 175 lifts off from Logan International airport in Boston and flies towards Los Angeles. In this plane there's also only 65 out of 200 seats occupied.
  • 8:17

    After having lost contact to flight 11 for 3 minutes and 30 seconds the FAA should have started doing the Standard Intercept procedures.
  • 8:20

    The transponder on Flight 11 stop emmitting signals telling the controllers on the ground where the plane is. After 6 minutes of lost contact and the transponder stopped the FAA should really have started with the procedures but they still don't. Flight 77 lifts off from Dulles International Airport about 30 miles west of Washington D.C. and is bound for Los Angeles, California. There are 200 seats but only 64 are occupied.
  • 8:24

    Either the pilot or one of the hijackers activates the talk-back button and enabled the Boston ATC to hear one of the hijackers say “We have some planes. Just stay quiet and you’ll be okay. We are returning to the airport. Nobody move”. The hijacker clearly confused the radio in the airplane with its public address system.
  • 8:25 (1)

    Finally the Boston ATC notifies other traffic centers that a hi-jacking is taking place but 11 minutes late. But they didn’t notify North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) at this time.
    If they had notified NORAD and NORAD followed the procedures they could have had two F-15s in the air at 8:32. These F-15s would have had 14 minutes and 26 seconds to reach the WTC before Flight 11. If they were flying at top speed they could have been at the WTC in 7 minutes.
  • 8:25 (2)

    They could easily have stopped Flight 11.
    If Boston ATC had notified NORAD at that time they could have stopped at least one of the planes. But maybe they did and NORAD is lying about it because it is NORADs job to know everything that is happening in American skies so they must have known.
  • 8:26

    Flight 11 is between Albany and Lake George in New York, when it suddenly turns 100 degrees to the south and heads straight towards New York City.
  • 8:34

    Another transmission from Flight 11, “Nobody move please. We are going back to the airport. Don’t try to make any stupid moves.”
  • 8;37

    Flight controllers ask pilots on Flight 175 to look for Flight 11. They respond that they could see it, and were told to keep away from it.
  • 8:38

    Boston ATC notifies NORAD that Flight 11 have been hijacked.
  • An interesting thought:

    Why did the terrorists attack WTC in the morning when they could have done it in the middle of the day where they were full of 50.000 people. Besides if they had hit the lower floors they could have caused more destruction and deaths. Why did they “only” kill 3.000 people when they could have killed so many more?
  • 8:42

    Flight 93 lifts off from Newark Airport in Newark, New Jersey and are bound for San Francisco, California. This planes capacity is 200 but there were only 44 on board.
  • 8:46

    Flight 11 crashes into the north tower in the World Trade Center between the 94th and 98th floors. It was flying with a speed of 490 MPH. When Flight 11 crashed into the tower it sent vibrations all through the tower and down in the ground. Those vibrations were equivalent of a 0.9 earthquake, which is one too small to be felt. Flight 175s transponder stops transmitting.
  • 8:48

    The first news report appears on TV saying that a plane have crashed into the WTC.
  • 8:49

    Flight 175 goes a bit off course.
  • 8:52

    Now, 38 minutes after Flight 11 has been hijacked, there are two F-15s in the air. But they don’t know that Flight 11 already has crashed into the tower, and that Flight 175 have been headed straight toward New York City for 3 minutes now.
  • 8:53

    A flight controller tells other airplanes in the sky about Flight 175, “We may have a hijack. We have some problem over here right now.”
  • 8:55

    A passenger on Flight 77 calls her husband and tell them that they have been hijacked, she gets cut off and he calls the Justice Department’s command to alert them.
  • 8:56

    Flight 77s transponder signal stops, and goes off course.
  • 8:59

    Flight 77 turns 180 degrees and heads directly back towards Washington D.C. and The Pentagon, only 330 miles away.
  • 9:02

    Flight 175 flies into the south side of the South Tower of the WTC between 78th and 84th floors at a speed of over 500 MPH. The F-15s that were sent after them are still 71 miles away, and that means their average flight speed was only 23% of their topspeed.
    The only known hijacked plane in the air right now was Flight 77 that were headed toward the Pentagon. Why didn’t the F-15s head to toward Flight 77 and try and intercept it?
  • 9:10

    Flight 93 was hijacked.
  • 9:15

    American Airlines says there can be no new takeoffs in the United States.
  • 9:21

    All bridges and tunnels in the New York City are ordered closed.
  • 9:37

    Flight 77 crashes into the west side of the Pentagon. The section contains mostly newly renovated, unoccupied offices.
  • 9:40

    All planes are ordered to land in the nearest airport, at that time there were 4546 planes in the air.
  • 9:59

    The south tower suddenly collapses, and falls into the streets below. A massive cloud of dust spreads in the streets.
  • 10:06

    Flight 93 crashes in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
  • 10:28

    The north tower collapses.
  • U.S. Government helping

    U.S. government provided 11.2 billion dollars for New York City.
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    Small Businesses

    The ashes and building collapses really impacted the small businesses near World Trade Center. 18,000 small businesses were destroyed and resulted in job losses for a lot of people, and many wondered if the jobs would return, and if there were money enough to fix it.
    2960 km² of lower Manhattan were destroyed or damaged.
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    Hate Crimes

    There were committed numerous hate crimes in the following days after the attacks on Muslims and South Asians. Sikhs were also targeted because men wear turban, even though they’re not Muslims.
    There were attacks on mosques, and a Hindu Temple was firebombed.
    Since then there have also been more tension between non-Muslim and Muslim countries.
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    Family and Friends

    Over 3000 children under 18 lost their parent, the average age of the children was 9 years, but many were babies or weren’t even born yet. Also many lost children, grandparents, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends and the list goes on. It really impacted so many people who lost someone dear to them.
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    Stock Markets

    Stock market was closed and U.S. stocks lost 1.4 trillion dollars in valuation.
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    More Money Lost

    In New York City about 430,000 job-months and 2,8 billion dollars in wages were lost.
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    U.S. airline industries

    North American airspace was closed for several days and that caused a little financial trouble in the U.S. airline industries.
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    Countless of songs, art, movies, fictive and non-fictive books, documentaries and theater plays have been made and inspired of the 9/11 catastrophe.
  • A Sikh was murdered

    A Sikh mistaken for a Muslim was shot and killed.
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    The attacks started a war that is still being fought today. So far 6600 Americans have been killed, and many, many have been wounded, and those who return to America without any scar, may be mentally damaged forever. So far they have used at least 5 trillion dollars on the war alone.
  • More Government Help

    U.S. government provided 10.5 billion dollars for New York City.
  • Rescue Workers

    There are several of rescuers and recovery workers that have developed prostate cancer, other types of cancer and multiple myeloma (a blood disease).
  • Recovery Workers

    It was confirmed that 75 recovery workers have been diagnosed with blood cell cancers and it's likely caused by the toxic workplace.
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis

    A study of 5000 rescue workers were released. All workers had impaired lung function with an average impairment of 10%. 1000 are on permanent respiratory disability.