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Missing Flight MH370

  • First Post Of Maylasain Airlines Missing MH370

    First Post Of Maylasain Airlines Missing MH370
    Facebook Link -Statement By Our Group Chief Executive Officer, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya on MH370 Incident. Released at 9.05am/8 Mar 2014 MY Local Time.
    -We have lost all contacts with flight MH370 which departed Kuala Lumpur at 12.41 am earlier this morning bound for Beijing.
    -The flight was carrying a total number of 239 passengers and crew.
  • 239 feared dead on Malaysia Airlines flight as oil slicks spotted in sea

    239 feared dead on Malaysia Airlines flight as oil slicks spotted in sea Hundreds are feared dead after a Malaysia Airlines flight vanished in the early hours of Saturday, with Vietnamese officials reporting oil slicks in the sea that could be connected to the missing plane. The mystery of Beijing-bound MH370's disappearance was compounded as diplomats confirmed that two passengers were travelling on stolen passports.
  • Maylasian Airlines Disapperance: the possible explanations

    Maylasian Airlines Disapperance: the possible explanations
    Possible Explanations
    The possible explanations for the dissaperance of the Maylasian Flight are:
    Midair disintegration
    Technical failure
    Intentional ditching
    A combination of events
  • Missing Flight MH370-Fake Passports

    The Gaurdian Confusion mounted on Monday over the identities of the two passengers travelling with stolen passports aboard missing flight MH370 after reviews of CCTV footage prompted a Malaysian official to describe them as resembling a black Italian footballer.
  • MH370 search goes on amid confusion over plane's disappearance

  • Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: satellite images give fresh lead

    The Guardian Hopes of finding the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have been raised after satellite images showing possible debris from the plane were released on a Chinese government website.
  • Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: search widened to Indian Ocean – video

  • Malaysian PM's full statement

    Maylasian PM Full Statement Read Najib Razak’s dramatic statement about missing flight MH370 in full
  • Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 co-pilot's last message was 'all right, good night' - video

  • Courtney Love claims she may have found flight MH370

    Courtney Love Claims
    Love responded to the call to search on for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, and, when she reckoned she had located it, posted a picture on her Facebook page. Then again, as she admits … she's 'no expert'
  • Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: satellite images show possible debris – video report

  • MH370 search enters third week with still no trace of missing plane

    Three Weeks into search
    Aircraft and ships from around the world scour Indian Ocean off Australia's west coast for Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777
  • Missing flight MH370 lost in southern Indian Ocean, says Malaysian PM

    lost in southern indian ocean Najib Razak says analysis of satellite data shows that last position of missing plane was far from any possible landing sites
  • Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 search area moved after new data analysis – video

  • MH370: Malaysia 'will never give up' on search for missing plane – video

  • MH370: Malaysia's police chief warns plane mystery may never be solved

    May Never Be Solved
    Investigators still have few clues about Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared as three more ships head to search zone
  • MH370: Chinese patrol ship detects ping near suspected location of plane

    Ping Signal Haixun 01 records signal with same frequency as black box pulse as search continues for missing Malaysian Airlines flight
  • 'Black box signals' raise hope of finding MH370 in days – Malaysian minister

    Black Box pings
    Hishammuddin Hussein cautiously hopeful of positive developments in hunt for plane 'in next few days, if not hours'
  • MH370 wreckage could be found in a matter of days as new 'pings' narrow search area - video

  • MH370 search: fifth signal picked up by Australian aircraft

    Fifth signal picked up
    The latest 'ping' has been detected near where the Australian defence vessel Ocean Shield found signals earlier in the week
  • MH370 search to shift focus to underwater scan

    Underwater Searched
    In absence of black box detections, autonomous underwater vehicle Blue Fin 21 will be deployed to scan sea floor
  • MH370: search may need new drone after first mission is aborted

    First mission aborted
    Australian search officials may need to use a different underwater vehicle to scan the ocean floor for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, after the first submersible mission was cut short because the ocean floor appears to be more than 4,500m deep.
  • Submersible searching for MH370 resurfaces early for second day

    Underwater searched ended early
    The underwater vehicle searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane has for the second time been forced to resurface early following a technical problem.
  • MH370 search sub completes first successful scan of Indian Ocean floor

    The Gaurdian
    A robotic submarine has completed its first successful scan of the seabed in the hunt for the missing Malaysian plane, but investigators say tests have ruled out that a nearby oil slick came from the aircraft
  • Malaysian minister discusses financial aid with relatives of MH370 victims

    Maylasian Minister
    A Malaysian official has met relatives of passengers who were aboard the missing flight MH370 to discuss ways of providing them with financial assistance.
  • MH370: cyclone hits plane search area

    A tropical cyclone heading south over the Indian Ocean caused the air search for a missing Malaysian jetliner to be suspended on Tuesday as a US submarine drone neared completion of its undersea search without any sign of wreckage.
  • MH370 search extended as no trace of jet found in target area

    Search Expanding
    A robotic submarine scanning the floor of the Indian Ocean off Western Australia for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet is to begin searching outside the original designated area, where it has failed to find any trace of flight MH370.
  • MH370 search to enter 'new phase' – video

  • Missing MH370: final flight exchange released - audio

  • MH370: first memorials planned for missing passengers

    First Memorials
    The first memorials for passengers on board the missing Malaysia Airlines jet will be held this weekend, relatives have said, as a Malaysian official on Friday urged relatives of those presumed dead to "face reality" and leave support centres.
  • Flight MH370: out of the headlines, but the search goes on

    Not much more News Coverage
    While families demand answers, it seems that the rest of the world has forgotten the lost Malaysian Airlines plane
  • Budget 2014: $90m earmarked to cover search for missing Malaysia plane

    90M to cover search
    Almost $90m has been earmarked in the federal budget for the ongoing search for the missing Malaysia airlines plane.
  • Indian director defends film inspired by Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

    MH370 Movie
    The Indian director behind a contentious movie about missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has defended his project against criticism, insisting the families of passengers will be unaffected and promising his storyline will not be exploitative.
  • MH370 satellite data to be released

    Satellite data to be released
    Malaysia has said it will publicly release satellite data used to narrow down the search for the flight MH370, the Malaysia Airlines jetliner missing in the southern Indian Ocean.