The Amazing Race

  • Cab to Abbey Road

    Cab to Abbey Road
    The team will take a cab on A40 from the Heathrow Airport in London to Abbey Road Studios. The distance is 26.7 miles, and it will take about 41 mins, with traffic. This will cost £19.57, and $30 in USD.
  • Flight to London, UK

    Flight to London, UK
    The pair has to fly from Miami (MIA) to London (LHR) at 12:01 am, and will arrive in London at 8:42 am. They will take British Airways Flight 208, and travel about 4,436 miles for a duration of 8 hours and 35 minutes, so they should sleep on the flight. The total cost of the flight is $3,063.20.
  • Cab to LGW Airport

    Cab to LGW Airport
    After their walk on Abbey Road, the team will take a cab from Abbey Road Studios to London Gatwick Airport. It will take about 50 minutes to travel 32 miles. This will be £100, which is $150.
  • Flight to Turin, Italy

    Flight to Turin, Italy
    The next stop is Turin, Italy. The team will take British Airways Flight 2578 from London Gatwick Airport (LGW) to Turin Airport (TRN). The flight is at 1:30 pm, and will land at 4:20 pm. The total dstance of the flight is 563 miles.
  • Cab to Turin

    Cab to Turin
    From the arirport in Turin, the team of two will take a cab to the Hotel Ristorante Reale, in Asti, for the duration of 54 minutes, travelling 46.8 miles.
  • Hotel Ristorante Reale

    Hotel Ristorante Reale
    For one night in a Double or Twin room in the Hotel Ristorante Reale in Asti, Italy, the cost is $102.
  • Abbey Road

    Abbey Road
  • Abbey Road

    Abbey Road
  • Cross street on Abbey Road

    Cross street on Abbey Road
    Thanks to The Beatles, people from all over the world have a mental map of Abbey Road. We can all imagine the landscape of the road, even if we've never been there. We also know the relative location of it: in London.
  • Period: to

    The Journey

  • Go to Piazza Alfieri

    Go to Piazza Alfieri
    At noon, the team will take a walk to the SFM6 transit, and ride it for approximately an hour and a half, then walk to Piazza Alfieri. The distance is about 36 miles.
  • Palio di Asti

    Palio di Asti
    The event Palio di Asti is a bareback horseriding race held in Piazza Alfieri. About 7 horses and their racers race without saddles along the streets of Asti for an annual festival that occurs in late September. The Piazza Alfieri is the hearth of the race and the city of Asti. Asti's physical geography, and sense of place, is the hills of agriculture and dirt roads with cathedrals and medieval architecture.
  • Take taxi to Airport

    Take taxi to Airport
    At 5, a taxi will take E70 for 54 minutes to take the team to the Turin Airport from Piazza Alfieri. The distance is 35.6 miles, so the cost is about $36.
  • Flight to Egypt

    Flight to Egypt
    The next part of the trip is a one-stop flight to Alexandria, Egypt. The flight is at 5:45 pm, for $402.40 on Turkish Arilines Flight 1312 to IST, Istanbul, Turkey, where the layover is 3 hours and 5 minutes. Then the team will be on Turkish Airlines Flight 696 to HBE, Alexandria, Egypt. The total distance is 1,803 miles. They land at 12: 45 am on Wednesday.
  • Taxi to Egypt Hotel

    Taxi to Egypt Hotel
    The Iberotel Borg El Arab Hotel is about 36 miles from the HBE airport. The taxi ride will cost $38. Due to the late flight, they will be arriving at the hotel at around 2:40 pm, and they will sleep till 8 am. The next morning, a taxi will bring them to Montaza Palace, which is 46.7 miles from the hotel. This will be $48.
  • Sham el Nassim

    Sham el Nassim
    Sham el Nassim is the Egyptians' celebration of the first day of Spring. It translates to "sniffing the breeze," and is usually celebrated on the first Monday after the Coptic Easter. It's known to be one of the oldest festivals of Egypt, and possibly as old as ancient Egypt. On this day, Egyptians have picnics on open grassy areas, such as parks, and eat traditional foods such as Fiseekh (salted fish that maybe be replaced with tuna), boiled colored eggs, termis (lupin seeds), and green onions.
  • Sham el Nessim (cont.)

    Sham el Nessim (cont.)
    Their absolute location is 31.2886° N, 30.0159° E, in Montazah Palace, and the two will join the Egyptians on blankets on the gardens, embracing the sense of traditional refreshment and natural landscape of Egypt. The site is flat with about 20 thousand exotic plants. Several hotels and restaurants provide the traditional foods to celebrate this day.
  • Taxi to airport

    Taxi to airport
    At 11:45 am, after the Egyptian brunch, they will need to take a taxi 13.7 miles to the HBE airport for $20.
  • Flight to Malaysia

    Flight to Malaysia
    The pair will have two flights to catch, one on flydubai 172 to Dubai, United Arab Emirates at 6:45 pm, then a flight on Emirates 346 to Kuala Lumpur. The total distance is 5,042 miles. The total flight time is 11 hours and 20 minutes, and the layover is 3 hours and 5 minutes. They will land at 3:05 pm on the 8th.
  • Taxi to KLCC

    Taxi to KLCC
    A taxi to KLCC would be $40, and they will travel 38 miles.
    The Chinese New Year is well celebrated in Malaysia. The festivities usually occur in either January or February. Malaysia's time zone is "UTC+8:00," and Egypt's is "UTC+2:00." Malaysia is 6 hours ahead. The Malaysian locals will be there to watch the fireworks, as well as people from all around the world. The country has an issue with overpopulation, and it shows especially on CNY.
  • Chinese New Year at KLCC

    Chinese New Year at KLCC
    The Chinese New Year is a very cultural event for the Chinese all over the world. It's also a religious bcelebration for certain religions, such as Buddhism, Confusians, and Taoists; they pray for the new year to come.
  • CNY (cont.)

    CNY (cont.)
    Lion dances are very poular and common on the streets of Malaysia on the first couple days oh their New Year. This is also a family holiday for the Chinese to visit all family and friends, and to welcome the New Year with them.
  • Taxi to Chinatown

    Taxi to Chinatown
    A taxi from KLCC to Chinatown will be 1.9 miles and will take 11 minutes to gewt there, for $5.
    In the Chinese temples of Chinatown, also known as Jalan Petaling, the pair will witness the locals praying, and join in to experience the New Year tradition in Malaysia.
  • CNY

    Every street is decorated and themed to the New Year.
  • CNY (picture)

    CNY (picture)
  • Travelling

    This day is filled with flights to reach the final destination: La Pampas, Argentina.
  • Flight to Argentina

    Flight to Argentina
    The first of 4 flights to Argentina is at 3:30 am, from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Doha (DOH) on Malaysia Airlines 9054, to Sao Paulo (GRU), to Buenos Aires (EZE), to Santa Rosa (RSA). The total layover time is 19 hours and 40, and the total time on a plane is 26 hours and 25 minutes. There will be penty of time for the travellers to sleep. The total distance is 7,732 miles.
  • Taxi to hotel

    Taxi to hotel
    The distance from the RSA airport to Hotel Calfucura is 2.2 miles.
  • Horseback Riding with the Gauchos

    Horseback Riding with the Gauchos
    The Gauchos are known as the cowboys of Argentina, South America. They are mostly found in the Pampas region of the country.
  • The Pampas

    The Pampas
    The Pampas take up about one-fifth of Argentina. Pampas means "level land," and the name is appropriate for the large flat plain that consists of grass, trees, and bushes.
  • The Pampas (cont.)

    The Pampas (cont.)
    The Gauchos that roam and herd the cattle on the Pampas are essential to Argentina's folklore. They are cultural traits of the country.
  • The Pampas

    The Pampas
    There are parts of the grassy plain of the Pampas not far from the hotel, so the travellers must walk along the fields and ride horses with the Gauchos.
  • Taxi to RSA Airport

    Taxi to RSA Airport
    The team will take a taxi to the Santa Rosa Airport, which is about 2 miles away, at 3 pm; their flight is at 3:30.
  • Flight to Miami

    Flight to Miami
    The two will take a plane at 3:30 pm to San Rafael (AFA) on Aerolineas Argentinas 2484, then at 5 pm, they'll go from AFA to AEP, and AEP to EZE. Finally, they'll take Aerolineas Argentinas Flight 1302 to Miami, and will land at 7:25 am on Saturday morning.
  • Land in Miami

    Land in Miami
    The Amazing Race will end in Miami at 7:25 am, when the team's last flight will land.