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APHG Amazing Race by James Ulaszek and Isabella Fine

  • Flight to Montevideo, Uruguay

    Flight to Montevideo, Uruguay
    The group will be flying on Avianca flight #963 with two stops to Montevideo, UR. They leave MIA Int. aeroport at 00:01 to reach Bogota, Columbia. They will have a 3 hour & 15 minute layover, then board the flight from Bogota to Lima, Peru and have a layover for 3 hours & 17 minutes in Chaves Int. aeroport. They will go from Lima to the Montevideo Carrasco aeroport and are scheduled to arrive in Montevideo at 20:43. Total flight time is 18 hours and 5 minutes with layovers and plenty of sleep.
  • Arrive to Regency Way Hotel

    The group will take a shuttle. Service are run by the hotel. This will take the group from the aeroport to Regency Way Hotel in approximately 10 minutes.
  • Check-in and Sleep

    Expected to go to sleep by 22:00 after check in, the group will still have another 8 and a half hours of sleep for the next day.
  • Period: to

    Amazing Race APHG

  • Wake up and walk to festival

    The group will be waking up at 06:30. They will have half an hour to get dressed and pack their things. They will leave at 07:00 and walk to the festival. The festival is only about a 10 minute walk from the hotel.
  • Participate in festival

    Participate in festival
    The team will be participating in the festival for about 4 and a half hours. They will be getting their faces painted in identical tribal patterns just like the African slaves brought to Uruguay. They will be joining the formal "Negro Neighborhoods" in their drumming and singing, chanting and dancing. The festival lasts all day, but the team will be leaving early to catch their next flight. This is an example of CULTURAL APPROPRIATION (adopt cultures and make it their own)
  • Taxi to aeroport

    Taxi to aeroport
    The team will collect their belongings and take a taxi to the aeroport. The taxi ride will take about ten minutes. This will leave them plenty of time to board their next flight.
  • Period: to

    Flight to Madrid, Spain

    The group will board flight #6012, flying with Iberia. The flight is from MVD to Madrid, Spain. The flight is scheduled to leave at 15:35 on Thursday, and will land at 06:30 in Madrid on Friday. The total flight time is 11 hours and 55 minutes. This is enough hours for the group's documented sleep time.
  • Travel to Pamplona

    Travel to Pamplona
    Straight from the aeroport, the group will take a taxi to Pamplona, which is where their next challenge awaits them. The drive is 224 miles, so it will take approximately three hours. They will get there just in time.
  • Celebrating with Locals

    After the bull running is complete, the team will join with the locals in their festivities. This includes cooking, eating, singing, and dancing. After they party, the team will take their taxi back to their hotel for check-in. The ride back will take aother three hours. They should leave festivities around 21:30.
  • Sleep

    After the team checks in to Hotel Plaza Las Matas, the team will sleep. They should be in bed by 01:00.
  • Bull Running

    Bull Running
    The team will be participating in a bull running. This is Spain's most famous festival in honour of San Fermin. The runners all line up at the starting position and sing a song. Once the rocket goes off, a group of bulls are let out into the street. The goal of the runners is to get as close to a bull as possible (without being trampled or punctured by their horns), and then jump out of the way into another street or a small opening. This is CULTURE. (sum total of knowledges, attitudes...)
  • Wake up and take taxi to aeroport

    The team is expected to wake up at 07:00. The team needs to pack and take a taxi to the aeroport. The drive is about 16 miles and the team needs to be able to have an hour and a half in the aeroport before boarding time.
  • Flight to Marrakech, Morocco

    Flight to Marrakech, Morocco
    The team will board Ryananir flight #7728 to Marrakech, Morocco (RAK). The flight leaves at 10:05 on Saturday and arrives at 11:15. total flight time is 2 hours and ten minutes.
  • Taxi to La Maison Arabe Cooking School

    The team will take a taxi from the aeroport to La Maison Arabe Cooking School. The school is located in the heart of Marrakech Medina.
  • Attend cooking workshop

    Attend cooking workshop
    The team will attend the cooking class in La Maison Arabe. The class is conducted by a dada (traditional Moroccan cook). The team will work alongside a translator, using simple, modern equipment found in everyday kitchens. At the end of the workshop, the group will dine on the meal they have prepared. They will learn how to prepare an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert. This is a CULTURAL TRAIT (normal practice in culture)
  • Taxi to aeroport

    The team will take a taxi from La Maison to the aeroport.
  • Flight to London, UK

    Flight to London, UK
    The group will board British airways flight #2667 from Marrakech (RAK) to London, UK (LGW). The flight will depart at 17:25 on Saturday and will arrive at 21:05. The total flight time is 3 hours and 40 minutes.
  • Taxi to Holiday Inn, Heathrow

    The team will take a taxi to The Holiday Inn, Heathrow London. The hotel is only 1.2 miles away from the aeroport, so it will be a quick drive.
  • Check-In and sleep

    The team will check-in to the hotel. They should be able to get in bed by 22:30, which will give them at least 7 and a half hours of sleep.
  • Wake up and take taxi to aeroport

    The team is to wake up at 6:00 and take a taxi to the aeroport. They should be there with time to board their flight.
  • Flight to Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Flight to Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    The group will board British Airways flight #2758 from London, UK (LGW) to Amsterdam, The Netherlands (AMS). Take-off time is 07:50 on Sunday and they are expected to arrive at 10:10.
  • SUV to Heerenveen

    SUV to Heerenveen
    The team will take an SUV from the aeroport to Heerenveen, The Netherlands. The total travel time is an hour and 13 minutes.
  • Check-in to Haje Hotel

    The group will check-in to Haje Hotel Heerenveen when they arrive.
  • Take taxi to and watch ISU World Cup IV

    Take taxi to and watch ISU World Cup IV
    The team will take a taxi to the Thialf ice rink in Heerenveen. The team will be seeing the ISU World Cup, which is a speed skating racing event. This is a challenge because speed skating is a big cultural tradition in Holland.
  • Taxi back to hotel and sleep

    After the race, the team will take the taxi back to the hotel. They will have plenty of rest for their travels tomorrow.
  • Wake up and take SUV to Amsterdam aeroport

    The team will wake up at 08:00 and take the SUV back to the Amsterdam aeroport.
  • Flight to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    Flight to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    The group will board AirEuropa flight #1098 going from AMS to Madrid. The flight leaves at 11:55 and will land at 13:35. After a layover (1 hour and 55 minutes), the team will board flight #89 from MAD to Santo Domingo, DR. The flight departs at 15:30 and is expected to land at 19:55. The total flight time including the layover is 13 hours and 50 minutes.
  • Taxi to hotel

    The team will take a taxi to Embassy Suits by Hilton. The ride will take about 10 minutes.
  • Take taxi back to hotel and sleep

    The team will take a taxi back to the hotel when they are ready to leave the sight. They will have plenty of hours to get their 6 documented hours of sleep.
  • Explore "Los Tres Ojos"

    Explore "Los Tres Ojos"
    The team will explore Los Tres Ojos, or The Three Eyes. Los Tres Ojos is a result of tectonic fractures. When underground caves collapsed, they formed a bowl-shaped depression which filled with water. The cave was originally lived in by the Taíno Indians. The three lakes are called "Aguas Azufradas", "The Nevera" and "El Lago de las Mujeres". They will reach the caves by boat. This is an original CULTURAL HEARTH (heartland, place of major orgin of the culture) of the DR.
  • Wake up and take taxi to aeroport

    Te team will wake up, and later take a taxi to the aeroport. They need to be there for enough time to make a 14:25 flight.
  • Flight to Miami, Florida

    Flight to Miami, Florida
    The team will board American Airlines flight #1465 from Santo Domingo (SDQ) and make their way back to Miami (MIA). The flight departs at 14:25 and will land in Miami, Florida at 15:55. The total flight time is 2 hours and 30 minutes.