Aircraft innovation

By tcw4696
  • The invention of the first aero plane

    The invention of the first aero plane
    In 12/17/1903 the wright brothers,Wilbur and Orville invented and flew the first aero plane in the world
  • World War One fighter and bomber aircraft

    World War One fighter and bomber aircraft
    In World War 1 the areo plane was becoming very famous an the idea of it fighting in a war was never heard of but it would happen when planes like the sop with camel,and the fokker dr1 would fight all over the skies of eroupe
  • Aircraft of the 1930s

    Aircraft of the 1930s
    in the 1930s aircraft were becoming so much more popular and airshows were a big thing,but it was nothing to joke about,aircraft were becoming a way of life due to the new four engine designs,but also a new type of war machine,enter the b17 flying fortress
  • Aircraft of early World War Two

    early fighter aircraft of WW2 were very new and very different,much had change in the past 37 years,but much more would change in the next 5,The bf109 was a legendary early design that would last through the entire war,introduced in 1937,but fought in 1940-1945
  • the p51 mustang escort fighter

    the p51 was a vey capable fighter of world war two and was in service from 1942 to 1982,it served with the U.S in WW2 and the Korean war
  • the Jug,P-47 fighter bomber

    the p-47 was built in 1942 and was a massive advance in aircraft technology,and was a very important aircraft throughout out the entire war and was a sever threat to any german aircraft due to its massive prat in Whitney r2800 engine with over 2200hp and a turbo supercharger which increased engine performance at high alt above 20k ft or 6k meters.
  • The Me262 jet fighter

    the me262 was the first jet fight to ever be built and enter service,along with being a very deadly threat the the us bomber campaign in WW2.
  • The b29 superfortress

    the b29 super fortress was a famous ww2 bomber that was the first aircraft to fly around the globe without refueling,and was most famous for the bomb droppings nagasaki and hiroshima
  • the F86 sabre

    the f86 was the primer fighter for the USAF during the Korean war and was a highly capable fighter jet that played a major role in the war
  • The MIG 15

    The MIG 15
    The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 was a jet fighter aircraft developed by Mikoyan-Gurevich for the Soviet Union. The MiG-15 was one of the first successful jet fighters to incorporate swept wings to achieve high transonic speeds
  • the b52 Strato fortress

    the b52 was the second nuclear capable heavy long range bomber and was mostly famous for the bombing in the Vietnam war and desert storm and is the longest serving aircraft in US history
  • the MIG 21 fish bed

    the MIG 29 was a highly capable USSR supersonic fighter jet of the veitnam war and was the most dangerous aircraft at the time in the war,and was incredibly cheap for how good it was
  • The mcdonald dougless F-4 Phantom

    the F-4 phantom was the best,fastest and most innovating supersonic jet aircraft at the time,and throughout out the Vietnam was and is an icon for many fighter pilots to this day
  • the ac130 gunship

    the ac130 gunship
    the ac130 gunship is the worlds most heavily armed aircraft and has been in service since the early 80s,but was built in 1968
  • The F-15 eagle

    The f-15 eagle is regarded as the worlds most superior fighter aircraft in the world and will be for the net decade,and was one of the biggest leaps in aircraft technology,design and weapon platforms,and is the most iconic aircraft in the world
  • the a10 worthog

    the a10 worthog is the worlds best ground attack and close air support aircraft of all time with a massive GUA8 avenger 30mm gatlin cannon
  • F-117 Nighterhawk

    F-117 Nighterhawk
    The Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk is an American single-seat, twin-engine stealth attack aircraft that was developed by Lockheed's secretive Skunk Works division and operated by the United States Air Force (USAF). The F-117 was based on the Have Blue technology demonstrator.
  • the boeing 747-400

    the Boeing 747 is the worlds most iconic passenger jet of all time and is a very famous aircraft in all airlines
  • the ero fighter typhoon

    the ero fighter typhoon
    the ero typhoon was an aircraft created and built from the designs and technology of multiple countries form around the world,and is the most multi national aircraft,
  • the f22 raptor

    the f22 raptor
    the f22 raptor is the worlds most superior 5th generation stealth jet fighter,but most info on this aircraft is top secret
  • the f35 lightning

    the f35 lightning
    the f35 is a 5th generation multi roll strike fighter,built to fit in every branch of the US military but so far the project has been well over the amount of money to be spent on the project and,it is not 100 percent working,but it incorporates a lot of newer generation technology than even the f22 raptor and even a $400,000 Helmet meant to give the pilot the ultimate advantage in any situation