8C/Samantha ~ Independent Reading #2 "The Mysterious Girl" by Jenna Stomphson

Timeline created by Samantha 8
  • Chapter 1

    Raven is 22 and in college, she is very independent. People call her the "mysterious girl" because she doesn't tell anyone any of her secrets. Chris Davis is in one of her lectures, he is really nice to her, but I think she is scared because of sexual abuse in the past. She is a waiter at a restaurant, Chris and his friends went there to eat and he left a note and a $100 tip- which she gave back because it was too much.
  • Chapter 2

    Chris is determined to find things out about Raven, but whenever he tries to talk to her, she ignores him. He tried and tried to make her stop walking and talk to him, but she didn't stop. Chris went to sit by her in their lecture, but once again, when he talked she ignored him and then left. Later that day, Chris and his friends went to the Gillis (where she works), she accidentally got water on someone and they were very mad. Chris stood up for her and told the person to apologize.
  • Chapter 3

    Raven goes to work at her second job, which is being a cashier/ helper at a book/ art supply/ handicraft store. Mrs. Smith is the owner of the store, she is a mother figure to Raven. While Raven was working, she heard something fall and break. She went to check and when she was picking it up she found out it was Chris that dropped it. The thing that dropped was the only thing that she had to remind herself of home. She told him that it's broken and it can/t be fixed, just like her.
  • Chapter 4

    Chris feels really bad about what happened to the porcelain doll, Amy tells him to stop following her and observe her from a distance. Later that day, Chris went for a run, he saw Raven going into this mans house. Chris jogged around and 2 hours later, she came out. But then another women went into the mans house, she was carrying a baby about 1 year old. Now Chris thinks hes solved the mysterious secret about the mysterious girl