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Dame Nellie Melba

  • Birth of Helen Porter Mitchell

    Dame Nellie Melba was born as Helen Porter Mitchell to David and Isabella Mitchell in Richmond, Victoria.
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    The Life of Nellie Melba

  • Marriage to Charles Nisbett Frederick Armstrong

    She married Charles Armstrong in December.
  • Birth of Nellie Melba's son, George Nesbitt Armstrong

    Birth of Nellie Melba's son, George Nesbitt Armstrong
    Born in Marion, Queensland to Charles and Helen Armstrong.
  • Nellie Melba leaves Mackay for Melbourne

    Nellie was frusterated by the continuous rain and the failing marriage. She left her husband and took her child with her back to Melbourne.
  • Nellie Melba leaves for London

    In 1886, Nellie Melba accompanied her father, who was appointed Victoria's commissioner for the Indian and Colonial Exhibition in London.
    (Month known, Day not known)
  • Debut in Brussels

    Debut in Brussels
    Nellie Melba had her first starring role as Gilda in Rigoletto at the Théâtre de La Monnaie which is in Brussels.
  • The Start of an Association with Covent Garden

    Nellie Melba sang the lead role in Lucia di Lammermoor. This was when she bagan her 38 year association with Covent Garden in London.
  • Nellie Melba's American Debut

    She performs for the first time in New York City's Metropolitan Operan House.
  • Charles Armstrong and Nellie Melba divorce

    Nellie Melba was caught having an affair with Philippe, The Duke of Orleans. Charles Armstrong filed for divorce on the grounds of adultery. This was later dropped. He took their son to America and he finally divorced her in Texas.
  • Nellie Melba's Concert Tour around Australia and New Zealand

    Her long-awaited journey home came in 1902. In Sydney and Melbourne alone, she made 21,000 pounds.
  • Nellie Melba's Sentimental Tour around Australia

    Nellie Melba's sentimental tour covered over 10,000 miles. She appeared in many remote towns. her entourage consisted of a manager, maid, valet. She also brought along two baby grand pianos.
  • Nellie Melba is appointed a Dame

    Nellie Melba was appointed Dame Commander of the British Empire in 1918 for her charity work during World War I. She was elevated to Dame Grand Cross of the British Empire in 1927.
  • Farewell to Grand Opera

    Nellie Melba announces her Australian farewell to grand opera. (SPECIFIC DATE NOT KNOWN)
  • Death of Dame Nellie Melba

    Nellie Melba died aged 69 from septicaemia which had developed after a facelift in Europe just weeks before. She died in St Vincent's Hospital, Darlinghurst.