Chapter 24 Events of WWII

  • Francis Ferdinand assassinated

    Archduke France Ferdinand was the heir to the Austrian-Hungarian throne Serbians assassinated him and cause a domino affect the led to WWI.
  • Austria-Hungary invades Serbia

    following thedeath of the Archduke, A-H invaded Serbia in retaliation to the assassination.
  • Britain enters

    Great Britain declared war on Germany
  • The Sinking of the 'Lusitania'

    The Lusitania sunk in 16 minutes after having been hit by a torpedoe from a German U-Boat. After the atack, German troops were ordered not to fire at passenger liners without warning. From then on out, U-Boats would not fire unless they stopped and warned them first and then the liners attempted to resist or escape.
  • Italy enter war

    Italy declared war on Germany and Austria.
  • Germany declare water around British Isles warzone

    exactly what it says, Germany said it would shoot on sight any ships in British waters.
  • Romania enter war

    Romania followed Italy and Bulgaria a year later and entered the fighting of WWI.
  • Sussex Pledge

    Germany promises to shoot only if passenger ships run or resist after Germany warns of Uboat.
  • Peace without Victory

    Wilson called for peace without victory. Basically, a treaty, and an end to the war without someone winning the war.
  • resumation U-boat warfare

    At this point in time, Germany declared that they would no longer honor the Sussex agreement and they would begin unrestricted U-boat warfare,
  • US enter WWI

    At this point it time, The Us recieved the intercepted telegram from Germany to Mexico. Viewed as another act of war and the US declared.
  • WIB

    The US established the War Industries Board.
  • 14 points

    Wilson first outlined his 14 points plan for bringing peace to Europe.
  • treaty of Brest Litovsk

    Treaty of Brest-Litovsk signed between Russia and Germany.
  • End of war

    Nov 11th is the day that the war was recorded as ending.
  • Peace conference

    The Peace Conference met at Paris to organize the treaty.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Although the war ended in 1918, the treaty wasn't signed until 1919. This oficially ended the business of WWI. Although, it did lead to many afteraffects that would last for a long time after.
  • Wilson falls ill

    Wilson has a heart attack after returning to the White House. He paralyzes the left half of his body.
  • treaty failed

    The Treaty of Versailles failed in the Senate.
  • 1920 Pres election

    William G. Harding (R) defeats Cox (D) and Debs (Socialist).