History of Holland Township

  • Period: to

    John Leidy Riegel

    John Leidy Riegel, the grandfather in the tree of the John Riegel name, was born in 1819 and died in 1893. (No exact dates were found.)
  • Delaware Canal

    Delaware Canal
    The Delaware Canal was built by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The canal soon became state owned, on April 9, 1827 the State Legislature aproved the canal. Construction started soon after.
  • The Bel Del Rail Road

    The Bel Del Rail Road
    The Belvidere Delaware Rail Road ran from Trenton, N.J through Holland Township and all the way to Belvidere, N.J. The rail road was a very historic site because it was granted its privledge of being an actual rail road on March 2, 1836. This was a very useful rail road because it transported both pasengers and coal.
  • Covered Bridge Takes Over

    Covered Bridge Takes Over
    Shenk's and Parsley's ora powered ferries were put out of buisness after the Riegelsville Covered Bridge opened up on December 15, 1837
  • Married!

    John Leidy Riegel married Elizabeth Shier on September 12, 1839 and had five children.
  • Period: to

    John Stover Riegel

    John Stover Riegel, the father, was born in 1847 and died in 1916. (No exact dates were found.)
  • Postmaster!?

    John L. Reigel, the grandfather was a postmaster in Reigelsville from 1848 to 1859. (See timespan below.)
  • Period: to

    John L. Riegel (Grandfather) was a Postmaster

    John L. Riegel, the grandfather, was a postmaster from 1848 to 1859, and helped everyone recieve their mail. No exact dates were found.
  • Holland Presbyterian Church

    Holland Presbyterian Church
    The Holland Presbyterian Church was completed and dedicated in 1849 on land given tby John Tomson who had a lot of land in the area.
  • Simple Machinery

    Simple Machinery
    In the middle of the 19th century simple machinery became available to farmers and were aslo very affordable.
  • A governing comitee was formed

    When Holland Township and Alexandria Township were seperated a governing comitee of five members was made. Later on the members was reduced to three.
  • Holland Becomes a Town!

    Holland Becomes a Town!
    Holland, breaks off of Alexandria and becomes its own town. The first settlers use the Lenape Foot Trails as first Coach wagon roads. These first roads were made from the natural resources from the surounding area, such as shale.
  • Oldest School was in Holland was built

    The first school in Holland Township dated back to the Revolutionary War time and was built at Spring Mills.
  • Holland Township was reverted to Alexandria Township

  • Holland Township was seperated from Alexandria Township

    Holland Township was seperated from Alexandria Township
    Holland was permanatly seperated from the larger twonship of Alexandria.
  • Prep. School

    The Riegel Family built a preparatory school in 1883 and it continued operation until 1916 when John Leidy Riegel died.
  • Spring Mills Grange

    The Soring Mills Grange, located on the corner of Route 519 and Spring Garden Road, was organized in January of 1897. The con struction was completed a year later.
  • Period: to

    John Lawrence Riegel

    John Lawrence Riegel, the son, was born in 1897 and died in 1987 from pnuemonia. He left behind 3 children, 10 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. (No exact dates were found.)
  • Milford Borough was set apart from Holland Township

    Milford Borough was set apart from Holland Township
    On May 8, 1911 the borough of Milford was officially set apart from Holland Township.
  • Sad News for The Highways and Turnpikes

    Sad News for The Highways and Turnpikes
    The surrounding ares of Holland started a major transportation change using the new invention of the automobile. Yet, all the roads and highways around Holland were in very poor conditions. The turnpikes that were built were scarse of cars and traffic rarly formed on them. Due to the loss of traffic the tolls were not making enough money to keep up the maintance of the highways. Most highways ended up being shut down.
  • Riegel Ridge opened to the public

    Riegel Ridge opened to the public
    The Riegel Ridge opened to the public and was used a recreation center, with multiple activities availible to the public.
  • Benjamin Riegel Memorial Pool opened

    Benjamin Riegel Memorial Pool opened
    The Benjamin Riegel Memorial Pool was poened to the public in 1955. (This is a recent picture of the Riegel Ridge Community Pool. The original pool did not include the new childrens' pool.)