• The Beggining

    The Beggining
    Croatia joins the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.
  • Crowning

    The Kingdom becomes Yugoslavia.
  • Nazi Germany Invades-"Greater Croatia"

    Nazi Germany Invades-"Greater Croatia"
    A "Greater Croatia" is formed, also comprising most of Bosnia and western Serbia. A spy is placed in the government under Ante Pavelic. The regime acts brutally towards the Serbs and Jews as it seeks to create a Catholic, all-Croat republic. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives.
  • Yugoslav federation

    Yugoslav federation
    After a resistance campaign by partisans under Tito, Croatia becomes one of the six constituent republics of the Yugoslav socialist federation. Croatia becomes multi-ethnic.
  • Tito's Death

    Tito's Death
    Tito dies. The slow disintegration of Yugoslavia begins as individual republics assert their desire for independence.
  • Collapse of Communism

    Collapse of Communism
    Collapse of communism in eastern Europe leads to rise in support for parties with a nationalist program.
  • First Free Election

    First Free Election
    After more that 50 years the first free elections in Croatia is conducted. In this election the communists lose to the conservative. The nationalist HDZ is then led by Franjo Tudjman.
  • Independence and war

    Independence and war
    Croatian Serbs in the east of the country expel Croats with the aid of the Yugoslav army. By the end of the year, nearly one-third of Croatian territory is under Serb control. Croatia then declares its independence.
  • 1992-1995 War in Bosnia-Hercegovina

    1992-1995 War in Bosnia-Hercegovina
    The UN sets up 4 protected areas in Croatia, with 14,000 UN troops keeping Croats and Serbs apart. Croatia then becomes involved in the war in Bosnia-Hercegovina supporting the Bosnian Croats against the Bosnian Serbs, During this time Franjo Tudjman is elected president of Croatia.
  • Ending the War in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

    Ending the War in Bosnia-Hercegovina.
    Croat forces retake three of the four areas created by the UN. Croatian Serbs flee to Bosnia and Serbia. Tudjman was one of the parties of the Dayton peace accords, ending the war in Bosnia-Hercegovina.