The French and Indian War (Olivia D., Adam, and Jeremiah)

  • War Begins to Spread

    The governer of Virginia sent a force led by a twenty-one year old Maj. George Washington to tell the French to leave.
  • Period: to

    The French and Indian War

  • The French find allies

    The French find allies with Native American tribes, In which traded with.
  • England and Allies

    England tries to find allies with the irquiouis, and failed.
  • Fort Necessity

    George Washingtion built a fort and called it Necessity, then the French attacked it, then the French and Indian War began.
  • The Battle of Wilderness

    British Gen. Braddock's are defeated near fort Duquesne, in Pennsylvainia leaving the backwoods of British territory undefended.
  • Fort Oswego

    The French captured this fort on the banks of the great lakes.
  • Fort William Henry

    Comander and Chief of the French forces Louis Joseph DE. Montcalm takes Fort Henry. The infamous massacre occurs later dramatized in James Fenimore Cooper's the last of the Mohicans.
  • Louisbourg

    The British seized Louisbourg opening the route to Canada.
  • A slow route to Victory

    The British take Fort Niagra: the French abandon crown point. After these two victories the British controled the entire Westen Frontier.
  • The Functional end of the War

    The British flag is raised over Detroit effectivley ending the war.
  • The British make peace with the Cherokee Indians

  • French attempt to retake Newfoundland

  • Treaty of Paris

    All French possesions East of the Mississippi except New Orleans are given to the British, French regain Martinque, Guadeloupe, and St. Lucia.