French and Indiain War (Olivia and Cheyanne)

By ohcb15
  • Troops march to Fort Duguesne with George Washington

    British atackes a French fort with 6,000 troups along with General John Forbs to run French out of Ohio country.
    French Victory.
  • The Battle of Wilderness under General Edward Braddock

    A battle near Fort Duquesne in Pennsilvania with the backwoods of the British territory ndefended.
    French Victory.
  • Decloration of War

    Britain and France declair war on one another
  • The French take Fort William

    Led by Louise-Joseph de Montclam seize William Henry in a battle against the British.
    French Victory.
  • English Captures Louisbourg

    The British take Louisbourg opening the path to Canada.
    British Victory.
  • French Surrender Fort Frontenac

    The French surrender the Fort Frontenac on Lake Ontario, destroying anyway to communicate with their troops in the Ohio Valley,
  • British and Indian Peace

    The British make peace with the Indian tribes such as the Iroquois, Shawnee, and Delaware Indians.
  • The British recapyure Fort Duquesne

    It was renamed "Pittsburgh"