ww2 timetoast timeline

By tc44
  • Peace Demonstration

    Peace Demonstration at County Fair with Thousands of People of all Faiths
  • Period: to


  • Highland Park Zoo

    Highland Park Zoo, completely overhauled and modernized, was reopened to the public.
  • Young Men from Pittsburgh Enlisted in the Army

    1200 men on December 8th, 1941 were enlisted in the army. This showed that a lot of Pittsburgh men cared about fighting the Japanese to protect the United States.
  • First "blackout" practice took place

  • Women bus drivers were first employed

    Women bus drivers were first employed because men were entering the army. This was a step in womens rights letting them take over jobs men were only origionally allowe to do.
  • Judge Sara M. Soffel

    Judge Sara M. Soffel, of Common Pleas Court, became the first woman ever to preside over an Allegheny County criminal court.
  • East Pittsburgh plant

    In a mass rally outside the East Pittsburgh plant, 20,000 employees of Westinghouse reaffirmed a no-strike pledge for duration of the war.
  • Pittsburgh realty values

    dropped to $980,000,000, their lowest point in 25 years and about $30,000,000 under the 1941 assessment.
  • Dr. John G. Bowman

    the nation's highest-paid educator of the day at $31,500 a year, resigned after 15 years as chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh; Dr. Rufus H. Fitzgerald, vice-chancellor, was designated his successor.
  • swollen rivers

    Heavy production losses resulted and 25,000 persons in industry were idled by swollen rivers which rose to a crest of 33.4 feet.
  • The city marked the 100th anniversary

    its great fire of 1845 with a parade and pageantry
  • Pittsburgh Mourns the Death of FDR

    The city and county governments, business, schools, and all other activities were suspended, all churches scheduled special prayer services, and Mayor Scully asked all amusement places to close in mourning for President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • Dr. Paul R. Anderson

    Dr. Paul R. Anderson was the dean of Lawrence College in Appleton, Wisconsin. He was elected president of Pennsylvania College for Women to succeed Dr. Herbert L. Spencer.
  • Russian labor leaders arrived to tour the district's steel mills.

  • The city was jubilant over the surrender of Japan.