History and government of the United States

  • Permanent settlement

    Permanent settlement
    THe english made their first permanent settlement in Jamestown, Virginia in 1607
  • Columbian Exchange

    Columbian Exchange
  • Britains in the Lead.

    Britian gains control of all North America.
  • American revolution

    American revolution
    Protests by the french and english led to the Revolutionary war
  • Indutrialization began

    imingrants from western Europe arrived in great numbers: the settled in cities in the Northeast.
  • Fench Territory

    The U.S purchased french terrtiory west of the Mississippi.
  • Lewis and Clark

    Lewis and Clark
    Expedition explores the area of the Louisiana Purchase.
  • Industrialization booms

    industrialization booms in some cities; newcomers moved to rich farmlands in what is now the Midwest.
  • Wagon Trails

    began moving pioneers to the West.
  • Cicil war Began

    Cicil war Began
    political and econimical tensions led to the civil war.
  • Civil war ends

    Civil war ends
    It took four years of bloody fighting and many more years of ploitical conflicts to reunite the country.
  • "Golden Spike"

    "Golden Spike"
    A symbolic golden spike is used to mark the composition of a transcontinental railroad across the United States
  • Land loss in the West

    Land available for settlment on the western frontier has nearly dissapeared.
  • Continued westward expansion

    the u.s continued its westward expansion, annexing hawaii.
  • assembly line

    use of an assembly line in ford auto olants streamlines manufacturing
  • Mass production era

    regular radio programming by station in pittsburgh begins the era of mass production
  • Mass T.V

    The first mass television audience watches baseball's World Series.
  • Communist and non-communist forces

    many students and others protested us involvement in a war between communists and non communist forces in Vietnam.
  • Integrated Circuit

    the development of the integeated circuit would make the widespread use of computers possible.
  • Suborbit of Earth

    U.s manned exploration of space starts as Alan B. Shepard Jr,. is launched into suborbit of the earth.
  • U.S department of defence

    The U.S department of Defence developes a computer net work that later leads to the internet.