us history timeline

  • 1607

    thay made the first permanent english settlement
  • Slavery

    The eouropeins brogt africans to the us to work in the south
  • first car

    first car
    first car made
  • The french and indien war

    The french went to war
  • Briten got power

    Briten got power
    Great britin gained power over Nort america east of the mossissippi. it was time to fight back or they will die
  • Boston masacer

    british killed the people of boston after the boston tea party
  • Decleration of idependence

    the dacliration of idependenc was signed
  • US big by

    United States purshesd french territory west of the mississippi river. It also doubled in size.
  • war of 1812

    The War of 1812, between the United States of America and the Great Britain
  • Mexican - American war

    the treaty of velasco ended the war
  • Slavery ended

    Slavery ended
    Thanks to the 13 amandment slavery ended
  • Alasca purchus

    the us boght alasca and we found a large amount of oil

    AL CAPONE was born. aka skarface.
  • Henry ford

    Henry ford
    The use of the improved asembl line by henry ford's auto plants made manufacturing esier and faster
  • ww1

    ww1 started
  • ww2

    the wrold war 2 ended. US one, after 4 years of war
  • atari

    The first video game in the us that started everithing we now about video games
  • Twin towers

    Twin towers
    a terarist atacs the global trade senter with stolen plains
  • iraq

    We started a war with iraq
  • oil spill

    oil spill
    an oil spill hapend in the golf of mexico that to dise day we are still cleaning