Civil War TimeLine

  • President Election

    Abraham Lincoln sworn in as president of United States of America
  • Civil War Begins

    Fort Sunter is attacked which initiated the war. Pierre Beauregard opened fire with fifty canons in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Period: to

    Civil War

    Civil War starts and ends.
  • Command of Union Army Decline

    Robert E.Lee was offerent to be the Commander of the Union Army but he kindly declinded due to where he was from, Virginia.
  • Proclamation of Blockade

    Prevented the South getting supplies with easy access.
  • Resignation

    Robert E.Lee officially resigns his comission in the United States Army
  • Change in General

    Mc Cellen takes the position of general-in-chief of all Union forces.
  • Death of Lincoln's Son

    Lincoln's son, Willie dies from fever caused by polluted drinking water in the white house. Abraham Lincoln is in an emotional state.
  • Surprise attack in Tennessee

    Surprise attack from the confederates on the union resulting in a casualty of 13 thousand Unions wounded and 10 thousand conferderates. Location: Shiloh, Tennessee River.
  • 17 Union Ships

    David Farragut moves up the Mississipi River to take New Orleans.
  • Johnston Wounded

    Genereal Joseph E. Johnston attacks McClellan's troops and gets badly wounded.
  • Replacement

    Robert E.Lee replaces Johnston as general due to his injuries.
  • 7 Day Battles

    Robert E.Lee attacks McClellan near Richmond and casualties were great on both sides. McClellan starts to withdrawl to Washington.
  • John Pope's defeat, Second Battle of Bull Run

    General John Pope is defeated by 55,000 confederates under general Stonewall Jackson and James Longstreet. Union retreats to Washington.
  • North Invasion

    Robert E.Lee invades the north with 55,000 confederates and heads for Harpers Ferry. The Union with 90,000 persues Lee.
  • Bloodiest History in US

    Robert E.Lee and confederate army was stopped at Antietam in MaryLand by McClellan and Union forces. 26,000 men dead,wounded or missing. Lee withdraws to Virginia.
  • Confederate victory Chickamauga

    Gen. Braxton Bragg's Army of Tennessee leaves general William S.Rosecrans of the union army trapped in Chattanooga.
  • Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation

    Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation is issued by Abraham Lincoln towards slaves.
  • General Ambrose E.Burnside

    Lincoln was impatient and tired of the slowness in the success of Antietam and replaces McClellan with Ambrose E.Burnside.
  • Defeat at Fredericksburg in Virginia

    General Burnside faces defeat at Fredericksburg in Virginia and a cost of 12,653 men. Confederates losses are 5039 men.
  • Final Emancipation Proclamation

    Lincoln free all slaves in the confederates and focus on enlisting black men into the union army.
  • Replacing Burnside

    Lincoln replaces general Burnside with Joesph Hooker.
  • VicksBurg

    Gen. Grant is placed in command of the Army of the West in order to capture VicksBurg.
  • Hooker defeated by Robert E.Lee

    General Hooker of the Union Army is defeated by Robert E.Lee's smaller forcers which goes to show how effective E.Lee's tactics are. 17,000 Unions are dead,injured, missing out of 130,000 whereas the Confederates 13,000 out of 60,000.
  • Stonewall Jacksons death

    Stonewall Jackson died from wounds.
  • Lee's Attack

    General Lee attacked the North with 75,000 into Pennsylvania which will lead to GettysBurg.
  • Attack on Pennsylvania

    General Lee attacked the North with 75,000 into Pennsylvania which will lead to GettysBurg.
  • Fifth Replacement in less than a year

    George G. Meade replacing Hooker as general. This is the fifth replacement for a general in less than year and shows how good Lee's tactics are.
  • GettysBurg

    Confederates are defeated in Pennsylvania.
  • Vicksburg

    Confederates is defeated by General Grant in a six week siege. Union controls Missippi which blocks the confederate from its western allies.
  • Abolishment in Slavery

    Lincoln meets with an abolitionist, Frederick Douglass who supports full equality for black union troops.
  • GettysBurg Address

    Lincoln givesa two minute Gettysburg Address to honour the National Cemetery.
  • General Grant Commander of the Whole Army

    Lincoln appoints Gen.Grant commander of the whole army. Shows how Lincoln trusts Grant.
  • Advancing Up

    Grant and his army of 120,000 begins to advance foward to Richmond and engage Lee's Army of 64,000.
  • Cold Harbor

    Grant makes a brutal mistake which costs him 7000 Union casualties against rebels at Virginia.
  • John B.Hood

    John B.Hood who replaced Johnston is fighting Sherman.
  • Vote

    George B. McClellan is nominated by democrats to run against Abraham Lincoln as the former president.
  • Capture of Atlanta

    Sherman's forces gain control of Atlanta which helps with Lincoln's Re-election.
  • Abraham Lincoln wins

    Abraham Lincoln wins the role of president for the second time against George B. McClellan. He had a 55% of the vote and 211 out of 233 electoral votes.
  • March to Sea

    After destroying Atlanta's warehouses and railroad facilities, Sherman and his forces advance to the sea,
  • Congress and Abolishment

    U.S. Congress agrees to abolish slavery and it is submitted to the states for ratification.
  • Peace Conference

    President Lincoln and Vice Confederate President, Alexander Stephens meet up to discuss "peace." The peace conference fails and war will continue.
  • Petersburg attack

    Lee plans his last offensive attack on Grant but four hours later the attack has been stopped.
  • Breaking Through Lee's Line

    Grant's force breaks through Lee's defensive line at Petersburg. Ambrose P.Hill died and the Confederate Capital, Richmond evacuated due to fire.
  • Stars and Stripes

    Stars and Stripes is raised over Fort Sumter where Lincoln and his wife Mary watches a play.
  • Lincoln Shot

    Lincoln at 10:13 p.m. was shot by John Willkes Booth.
  • Lincoln's Death

    The day after Lincoln was shot, in the morning at 7:22 a.m. Lincoln dies.
  • John Wilkes Booth Killed

    John Wilkes Booth faces consequence of his actions and was shot in Virginia.
  • Confederates Surrender

    Remaining rebels surrender to the Union. The nation is reunited after Civil war ends. Casualties were 620,000 americans dead. 50,000 survivors return home with amputees and injuries.
  • Robert E.Lee Surrenders

    General Ulysses S. Grant won over Robert E.Lee and he surrenders at the village of Appomattox Court House in Virginia. General Ulysses S.Grant allows rebel officers to keep their horses as a sign of respect.
  • Slavery Abolishment Established

    U.S. Constitution ratifies the abolishment of Slavery at last.