Masai boy

Masai Tribe

By elo82
  • Jan 1, 1500


    The Masai tribe is the most famoust tribe in Africa.They are very independent. They have very specific customs which involves, men protecting the village and the cattles, whereas the women are responsible for building the huts, cook and maintain the households. The Masai Tribe migrated from the Nile valley region to the Great Rift Valley in Tanzania.
    Masai people rely on natural resources. They often suffered from epidemics.
  • Warrior Traditions

    Warrior Traditions
    Warriors are very important for the Masai Tribe. This is a period between boyhood and becoming tribe elders.
    To become a warrior they have to go through severak rituals such as being circumsized, and living apart from their families for several years.
    Warriors must prove their strength by killing a lion with only a spear.
  • Religion

    The Masai call their god Enkai. It appears to them in many different forms of objects such as the moon, mountains and colors.
    Enkai is believed to be both a man and a female.
  • Cultural Change

    Cultural Change
    A lot of their teritory were taken to create wildlife presevation parks, such as the Masai Mara National Reserve- Missionaries became more and more popular, and they wanted to try "civilize" the Masai people. This is because they were shocked by the way the Masai lived.
    Sadly today a lot of Masai people have converted to Christianity and more and more are starting to wear normal clothes.
  • New Masai

    New Masai
    Today, Masai people are losing more and more land and are forced to find "modern" jobs and dress properly. They are losing their charms and traditions.