Sense and sensibility book cover

Sense and Sensibility timeline

  • Mr. Dashwood Dies

    Mr. Dashwood Dies
    Mr. Henry Dashwood dies. Soon after this Mr.John Dashwood comes to Norland Park and is left to sort out the money in Henry Dashwoods will. Mrs. John Dashwood tries to stop the Dashwood girls getting money.
  • Elinor Dashwood and Edward Ferrars

    Elinor Dashwood and Edward Ferrars
    Edward comes to the manor and over the next 2 months they start to fall in love. Many people staying at the manor start expecting a marriage.
  • The Move

    The Move
    Sir John Middleton offers a cottage called Barton Cottage, in Devonshire, to Mrs Dashwood. She accepts and intends to move the family.
  • Meeting new people

    Meeting new people
    They arrive in Devonshire and over the next month they meet and make lots of friends, including Sir John, Mrs. Jennings and Colonel Brandon, at a dancein the park.
  • Meeting Willoughby

    Meeting Willoughby
    Marianne and Elinor go out on a walk in the moors were they get court in the rain. They start running to get out the rain, when Marianne slips and hurts her ankle, she is soon found and helped by the dashing Mr. Willoughby. They two soon become a couple but Elinor does not seem to like WIlloughby.
  • Going away

    Going away
    Willoughby tells Marianne that he cannot stay and he must go to london. Marianne is heart broken she does not eat or sleep.
  • Elinor and Edward

    Elinor and Edward
    On a Walk they see a hores man who turns out to be Edward Ferrars. ELinor is very peleased but Edward seems different.
  • Miss Lucy Steele

    Miss Lucy Steele
    The Dashwoods meet Miss. Lucy Steele and Elinor finds out that Edward has been engaged to Miss. Lucy Steele for A long time.
  • To london

    To london
    The two sister travel to london with Miss. Jennings. At london Marianne wait for news from Willoughby. She starts getting resless and Cannot eat.
  • In London

    In London
    In London they find out that Willoughby is to be married to a Miss. Grey. Marianne Is devastated and Breaks down.
  • To Cleveland

    To Cleveland
    The dashwood have now been in London more than two months. They decide to move to Cleveland. At Cleveland Marianne gets ill and their mother comes strait away
  • Willoughby

    When they were nursing Marianne before their Mother got there Willoughby came to Cleveland and Told Elinor that he had been forced to Marry Miss. Grey and the story from his point of View and how he had been made to do sevral thing.
  • Home sweet Home

    Home sweet Home
    They arive home in time for tea and look forward to a peaceful life ahead.