Civial war

History TimeLine!

  • Englsih Settlement

    Englsih Settlement
    The English made their first permanent settlement in Jamestown,Virginia.
  • Europeans displaced Native Americans.

    Europeans displaced Native Americans.
    Europeans displaced Native Americans to " make room for the coming of the white people "
  • Columbian Exchange

    Columbian Exchange
    The Europeans brought Africans to America to work as slave labors on cotton and tabacco plantations.
  • Period: to

    American Revolution

    The fight between Americans and the French.
  • Lousiana Purchase

    Lousiana Purchase
    The United States nearly doubled in size when the government purchased the vast plains region between the Mississippi and the Rocky Mountains, from France.
  • Period: to

    Civil War

    The bloody fight over political and economic tensions between an agricultural South dependent on slave labor and the more industrialized North.
  • President Lincoln Assassinated

    President Lincoln Assassinated
    This is the day when John Wilkes Booth decided to kill president Lincoln at a comedy performance.
  • Wall Street Crash

    Wall Street Crash
    This was the most devastating stock market crash in American History.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    The attack on Pearl Happened pretty early in the morning. It was a surprise attack that killed roughly 2,400 people.
  • Period: to

    Korean war.

  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam War
    This was the beginning of a decade worth of war. Many Americans died in the battle of this War.
  • Assassination of JFK

    Assassination of JFK
    This was a sad day for many Americans. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot a couple times at Dealey Plaza. The shooter of this crime was Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • Death of Martin Luther King Jr.

    Death of Martin Luther King Jr.
    This death was a tragity to many. Mr. King inspired so many. He was shot by James Earl Ray.
  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11
    This was the first landing of a space craft landing on the moon. This is considered a major accomplishment to the U.S.
  • Oklahoma City Bombing

    Oklahoma City Bombing
    This was a bombing that took 168 lives , including 19 children under the age of 6. The detonation was said to be set of by Timothy James McVeigh.
  • The world has 6 billion people

    The world has 6 billion people
    On October 12th of 1999 it's said that the 6th billionth person was born.
  • 9/11 World Trade Centers

    9/11 World Trade Centers
    This was the terrorist attack in New York which killed a lot of people and made two buildings colapse.
  • Period: to

    Iraq War

    This War is still going on to this day. It started by an invasion to Iraq from the multinational force led by troops. Many soldiers have lost their lives at this war.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    This was the 6th strongest hurricane in history. It killed an average of 1,800 people in the raging waters , and a lot of people got injured. Waters took weeks to go down.
  • Haiti EarthQuake

    Haiti EarthQuake
    This was known as the " most shocking " earthquake. As many as 230,000 people died and 300,000 got injured.