Causes Of The Civil War Gilden

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    Causes of the Civil War

  • The Missouri Compromise

    The Missouri Compromise
    Missouri asked to be a slave state so Kentucky proposed a compromise.
  • Fugitive Slave Act

    Fugitive Slave Act
    The Fugitive Slave Act was when they made a law that the north could not free slaves and that they would have to return them back to their owners. The North thought that this law was unfair. the south thought that it was a great law and they should keep it.
  • The Kansas-Nebraska Act

    The Kansas-Nebraska Act
    The Nebraska Territory was split from the Kansas Territory. They called the Kansas Territory the North which did not allow slavery. They called the Nebraska Territory the South which allowed slavery.
  • John Brown Rebelion

    John Brown Rebelion
    John Brown was an abolitionist. He made a plan to try to stop slavery. The South was affected because they did not want to end slavery.
  • Slavery

    Slavery was very bad. The Slaves were usually treated crulley by there owner. The South wanted to keep slavery while the North was against it.
  • The Election of 1860

    The Election of 1860
    Abraham Lincoln was running against Hannibal Hamlin for president. Abraham Lincoln was officially elected president. Abarham Lincoln did not allow slavery.
  • Secession

    The Government failed to enforce the Fugitive Slave Act. Georgia, Texas, and Mississippi soon followed South Carolina’s lead and issued Declarations of Secession.