History of Fermentation

By amberhb
  • 210

    220 B.C.

    220 B.C.
    The Chinese used fermented soybean to cure skin infections 3,000 years ago, and they started using fermented tea to treat a variety of illnesses.
  • 1840

    Schwaann concluded that fermentation is the result of living things. He helped develop the cell theory.
  • 1854

    Louis Pasteur the French chemist, determined that fermentation is caused by yeast.
  • 1907

    A German chemist named Eduard Buchner recieved the Nobel prize for showing that enzymes in yeast cells, no the yeast cells themselves, cause fermentation.
  • 1929

    Arthus Harden and Hans Euler-Chelpin, determined exactly how enzymes cause fermentation, they, won the Nobel prize for their work.
  • 1940

    Technology was developed to use fermentation to produce antibiotics.
  • 8000 B.C.

    8000 B.C.
    The use of fermentation to make bread rise and to produce alhcoholic beverages is as old as the development of agriculture itself, which most scholars date to aboutr 8000 B.C.