American Revolution

  • Proclamation of 1763

    Who/When- It was made by King George III
    What- The Appalachian Mountains were boundaries for the colony.
    Why- Because itt was the end of the French and Indian War.
    Coloinal Response- They were angry because they bought land East of the mountains and couldn't go there.
  • Taxation without Representation

    Who/When- Great Britain 1763
    What- It was them taxing everything.
    Why- Because Great Britain was the debt after the war.
    Colonial Response- It made the colonists mad.
  • Sugar Act

    Who/When- British Parlament 1764
    What- It was the lowering of taxes on molass imported by the British colonies.
    Why- To stop smuggling and increase tax revenue.
    Colonial Response- It made them mad and they protested.
  • Stamp Act

    Who/When- The parlament in 1765
    What- It was a law that was placed that put taxes on all aprinted items.
    Why- Because Great Britain was in debt and wanted power.
    Colonial Response- The colonists were once again angry.
  • Quartering Act

    Who/When- It was passed by the Parlament in 1765
    What- It was for the punishing and payment of the army.
    Why- It was because people were neglecting and refusing to do their duty.
    Colonial Response- The colonists were angry.
  • Declaratory Act

    Who/When- It was the Parlament that passed law in 1766.
    What- It was that the parlament had right to tax and to make decisions for the British colonies.
    Why- They had just lost the stamp act and needed to re-gain control.
    Colonial Response- They complained becuase of the power.
  • Townshed Act

    Who/When- The Parlament in 1767
    What- It was the setting of taxes on imported goods.
    Why- They were trying to make the colonists happy.
    Colonial Respnse- The colonists boycotted and stopped buying British goods.
  • Boston Massacre

    Who/When- It was the British and Boston colonies.
    What- It was a group of colonists that protested to the British soldiers.
    Why- Because the soldiers were accused of things.
    Colonial Response- It became a paropoganda, they were extremely mad.
  • Tea Act

    Who/When- I was established by the Parlament in 1773
    What- It was the act that tea was shipped to colonies and sold cheap.
    Why- Because the East India company would not prophot.
    Colonial Response- Tey were angry because of the undercutting of local merchants.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Who/When- It was the Sons of Liberty (British men) and Samuel Adams 1773
    What- It was the Sons of Liberty diguised as Navtive Americans. They threew 342 chests of tea overboard.
    Why- THey did thid because Boston citizens refused to allow tea to be unloaded.
    Colonial Response- Citizens gathered in the streets and ccelebrated.
  • Coercive (Intolerable Acts)

    Who/When- It was King George III and the Parlament from March to June in 1774.
    What- Boston Harbor was closed until the colonists paid back Great Britain for the tea.
    Why- Because King George wanted to punish Boston for the Boston Tea Party.
    Colonial Response- Citizens were angry, it isolated the colony because the Harbor was closed.
  • 1st Continental Congress

    Who/When- It was 55 delicates from every colony except for Georgia, 1774
    What- It was an organization to represent the American people.
    Why- They wanted to gain back liberty from the British.
    Colonial Response- They formed malitia's to help the congress.