Victorian State Elections Timeline (the labour years)

  • 1999 Victorian State Elections

    Steve Bracks come to power.
    Education policies was one of the key elements to Labour taking power in the 1999 election. As former shadow education minister Steve Bracks targeted public education as a major issue in the Victorian state.
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    Victorian Election Timeline

  • 2002 Victorian State Elections

    Labour still holds power. Education is still a key issue targeted by Labour. The opposition's policies appear to fall short of Labour's policies on education. During this term the AEU (Australian Education Union) targets the the government for not giving teachers fair workloads or pay and for not funding enough of the public sector instead funding the private sector.
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  • 2006 Victorian State Elections

    Steve Bracks, and the Labour government are re-elected for a third term. Education in primary schools is a priority. VCE is made a priority by the government and to become one of the best in Australia. Secondary education and special needs funds are put on the backburner.
  • Oncoming Victorian State Election.

    Education is focused as a major issue still along with health and crime. The focus is now on the secondary sector and special needs education.
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