History of McDonalds

  • First McDonalds

    First McDonalds
    Dick and Mac McDonald open their first McDonalds in San Bernardino. A typical drive-thru featuring a large menu and a car-hop service.
  • McDonalds Is Founded

    McDonalds Is Founded
    The menu is reduced to 9 items, including: soft drinks, potato chips, and the star of the menu - The 15 cent Hamburger.
  • French Fries

    French Fries
    French Fries are made world famous by McDonalds.
  • Ray Kroc

    Ray Kroc
    Multimixer Ray Kroc becomes McDonalds's Nationwide franchising agent. He invisions his future in hamburgers and ends up making $500 million dollars in his lifetime.
  • 100 Million

    100 Million
    100 millionth hamburger sold and multiple stores opened.
  • Hamburger University

    Hamburger University
    Hamburger University - Mascot, Speedee. Today - 5,000 students yearly.
  • The Buy-Out

    The Buy-Out
    Ray Kroc Purchases the McDonalds empire for $2.7 million dollars and has been known as the founder ever since.
  • 500 Resturants

    500 Resturants
    500th resturant opens up in Toledo, Ohio.
  • 10th Anniversary

    10th Anniversary
    To celebrate its 10th year, McDonalds goes public and sells it first stock at $22.50
  • TV - Ronald McDonald

    TV - Ronald McDonald
    Ronald McDonald first appears in McDonald commercials on his flying hamburger. Appearing in many other store commercials, Ronald was an instant hit!
  • International

    Stores first open up in places other than the U.S., first in Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Big Mac and Apple Pie

    Big Mac and Apple Pie
    The trademark "Big Mac" and "Apple Pie" items were added to the menu, drawing in crowds.
  • 1,000 Resturants

    1,000 Resturants
    1,000th Resturant opens up in Des Plaines, Illinois
  • Golden Arches

    Golden Arches
    The resturants are modernized and the ever-famous Golden Arches are implimented into the design!
  • Drive-Thru

    The first real Drive-Thru was created (no car hops, just a car and a window) for army soilders who were forbidden to get out of their cars.
  • Breakfast

    The first Egg McMuffin is created by ano owner/operator of a store, and is added to the national menu
  • 5,000 Resturants

    5,000 Resturants
    5,000th resturant opens up in Kanagawa, Japan
  • Happy Meal

    Happy Meal
    Happy Meals are introduced to the national menu, first featuring a wagon theme.
  • 25th Anniversary

    25th Anniversary
    McDonalds celebrates its silver (25th) Anniversary
  • 7,500 Chicken McNuggets

    7,500 Chicken McNuggets
    By the end of the year, there are 7,500 stores world wide, and Chicken McNuggets have been added to the national menu.
  • 10,000 Resturants

    10,000 Resturants
    10,000th resturant opens up in Dale City, Virginia
  • Premium Salads and McGriddles

    Premium Salads and McGriddles
    Premium Salads and McGriddles are added to the national menu
  • "I'm Lovin' It"

    "I'm Lovin' It"
    "Ba...Da...Ba...Ba...Baa... I'm Lovin' It" - becomes the official slogan/advertising jingle for McDonalds
  • 50th Anniversary

    50th Anniversary
    For McDonalds 50th birthday, they open up a super-sized commercial resturant (/headquarters) in Chicago.
  • Snack Wrap

    Snack Wrap
    The Snack Wrap is introduced on U.S. menus
  • International McCafe

    International McCafe
    McCafe goes International in over 50 countries
  • Smoothes and Frappes

    Smoothes and Frappes
    McCafe introduces Smoothes and Frappes to their menu. Strawberry Bananna & Wild Berry Real Fruit Smoothes, and Mocha & Caramel Frappes are added to the menu
  • Wi-Fi

    McDonalds now offers free Wi-Fi in over 11,000 resturants
  • 250 Billion

    250 Billion
    250 Billion Hamburgers served, WOW!