7D historical narrative

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    Timespan 7D Historical Narrative

  • Eiffel Tower Constucted: Architecture

    Eiffel Tower Constucted: Architecture
    The Eiffel Tower was build in 1887. It was only 3 floors at the time.
  • Mona Lisa: Art

    Mona Lisa: Art
    The Mona Lisa painting is a very famous piece of art painted by Leonardo Divinci.
  • Twin Towers : Locale

    Twin Towers : Locale
    At a height of 1368 and 1362 feet the Twin Towers was the tallest building in history.
  • We Will Rock You -Queen: song

    We Will Rock You -Queen: song
    This is a song that relates to competing and really trying to reach your goal.
  • Patrick Marleau:other

    Patrick Marleau:other
    Patrick Marleau plays for the San Jose Sharks and is at the age of 33 years old.
  • Coraline: literature

    Coraline: literature
    coraline is a book about a girl who enters a world through another door and has to save herself with going back into the original world
  • To This Day- Shane Koyczan:poem

    To This Day- Shane Koyczan:poem
    To this day is a very powerful poem about hate and bullying.