7B/Rhys ~ Independent Reading #1 “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes

Timeline created by Hilda Rhys
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    As the man walks to catch a cab, he takes a call from a man named Rupert, a colleague who urges him to come into work and deal with some obstacles that have arisen. The man gets into the cab and, as the driver sets off, sees a looming shape emerging out of the rain. He panics, sensing that he cannot prevent it from hitting him, and then the last thing he sees is a leather glove, a face under a helmet, the shock in the man's eyes mirroring his own. There is an explosion as everything fragments.
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    Chapter 1

    Louisa Clark, a twenty-six year old women, was laid off her job where she had worked for the past six years. This was a major issue for her family, because they relied on Lou's income. She set out to the Job Center, where she is matched with series of new jobs, none of which suit her. But Syed isn't discouraged and finds a position in town caring for a disabled man. The job pays well, and assured that she will not be responsible for "bottom wiping", Lou agrees to do the interview for the job.
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    Chapter 2

    The women who greets Lou is intimidating and cold. Her name is Camilla Traynor. Just as the interview begins, Lou notices that a stitch of her skirt has ripped, revealing her thigh. She learns that her employer will be wheelchair-bound, with no use of his legs and very little use of his arms and hands. When Lou makes an assumption that Will is Camilla's husband, Camilla tells her that Will is her son. Finally, despite the discomfort of the interview, Camilla hires Lou for a six month contract.
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    Chapter 3

    Mrs. Traynor is insistent that Lou stays by Will's side as much as possible, since he was left alone for several hours and was injured during that time. After explaining that Will might not want her around much and pointing out the cleaning supplies, Mrs. Traynor takes Lou to meet her son. A man in scrubs is helping the man in the wheelchair to adjust his feet, and the man in the wheelchair, who has shaggy hair, begins to cry out and contort his face as Lou enters.
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    Chapter 4

    Lou describes the routine she has developed over the first two weeks at her job. Lou observes the ropes at the Granta House as Will gets a visit from Rupert, his co-worker and Alicia, Will's ex girlfriend. Alicia informed Will that she and Rupert are engaged. Will is clearly upset by this new, as his visitors seem to have expected this reaction.
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    Chapter 5

    The next day, Lou tries to save the remnants of the destroyed picture frames. When Will comes into the room she tells him that they might be able to put the frames back together. Will becomes furious, telling her that he wanted to destroy the frame and that he does not need her to decide what is best for him psychologically. Lou, for the first time, stand up to him. Will seems surprised at her honesty and agrees to treat her politely.
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    Chapter 6

    Lou visits Will in his room that evening. She sits on his bed to move him when he asks, and eventually asks him how he became disabled. He explains that he was hit by a motorcyclist, and talks about how much he misses his extravagant life in London. She then entertains Will by telling him how she developed her unusual fashion sense, describing in detail a long-lost part of black and yellow stripped tights.
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    Chapter 7

    Lou tells Will about her six-year relationship with Patrick and then asks him about Alicia, his ex girlfriend. He describes their relationship ruefully, describing Alicia as a wealthy and beautiful but insecure person. Next, Lou lists the various kinds of pain that Will experiences. Though he doesn't complain, she has come to recognize signs that he is in pain, which happens often for a variety of reasons.
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    Chapter 8

    Mrs. Traynor talks about how for a year after Will's accident, she explains, she didn't do any gardening. She was simply too depressed. Once Will moved home, though, she began again in order to give her son something to look at, hoping that the garden would give him the same feeling of hope it gives her. Camilla then talks to her husband about Will's mental state and about Louisa, who he seems to like.
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    Chapter 9

    Lou feels so disturbed by the conversation she has overheard that she can't sleep that night. She is torn between pity for Mrs. Traynor and judgement of her, and is bewildered by Will's decision as well as the simple possibility of his death. At work the next day, she has trouble talking to Will, though his mood is unusually good. At the end of the day, she writes a letter to Mrs. Traynor and leaves it in an envelope with her name on the table.
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    Chapter 10

    Lou explains that she wants to motivate Will to live by taking him on a series of adventures. These will start small, with short outings into town, though Lou is optimistic that she will take Will on grander trips eventually. Lou explains that she will only feel comfortable working for the Traynors if she is able to implement this plan, since the alternative is to play a part in Will's suicide.
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    Chapter 11

    They find a fancy-looking restaurant on the grounds of the track race. However, the hostess refuses to seat Will, Lou and Nathan, since the restaurant, it turns out, is only for the Premier Area ticket holders. Lou ends up becoming angry that she cries and tells the hostess off, which makes the other diners stare. Finally, when it's time to get Will back to the car, the parking lot is too muddy to navigate Will's chair back to the car. Lou then ends up having to ask around for help.
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    Chapter 12

    Lou reveals that she's never been to a concert. Lou is so nervous after their last outing that she plans everything carefully. Nathan and Will aren't fans of the first two, but they're both visibly impressed by how good she looks in the third. Will tells Lou that he doesn't want to go inside just yet, because he wants to "be a man who has been to a concert with a girl in a red dress for just a few minutes."
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    Chapter 13

    Lou's parents, who are pressed for money, have made her a lovely scrapbook of her life so far. She's moved by the gift, but saddened by her parents' financial security. Patrick has gotten her a necklace, but it doesn't suit very well, since she never wear jewelry. Will, remembered Lou's story about her yellow and black stripped tights, and has had two pairs made for her using his new voice recognition software. Lou is delighted and puts the tights on right away.
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    Chapter 14

    Lou spots Mr. Traynor in town with his arms around a strange woman. Next, Will get an invitation to Alicia and Rupert's wedding. He acts as if he doesn't care, but Lou suspects he does, and puts the invitation in a folder where he won't have to see it. Instead, Will insists on talking to Lou about books. He is particularly interested in a book called The Red Queen which is about genetics.
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    Chapter 15

    Will ends up in the hospital two day later with an infection. Given some time off, Lou joins an internet forum for people with spinal injuries under the name "Busy Busy". Lou makes a post asking how to cheer Will up and is shocked by the number of responses. There are a few that seem to support his desire to commit assisted suicide, but most are passionate. Will looks exhausted when he gets backs from the hospital. Lou takes him on several more trips, with varied success.
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    Chapter 16

    Later, Will and Lou talk about Will's dad's affair. They're really laying the cards on the table. A few days later, Lou's dad announces some more surprising news he has a new job. He'll be the new head of maintenance at the castle. Lou is happy for her dad, but she suspects that Will used her knowledge of his dad's affair to blackmail him into giving Mr. Clark the job. Will doesn't deny it.
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    Chapter 17

    That afternoon, a man arrives wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase. He introduces himself as Michael Lawler and asks to speak with Will. Lou is crazy curious, but she isn't able to eavesdrop on the meeting. She manages to find out the location of Mr. Lawler's office and does some research at the library after she gets off work. What Lou finds shocks her Mr. Lawler is a lawyer and specialist in wills. Later, Lou tells Mrs. Traynor about Mr. Lawler's visit.
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    Chapter 18

    Will tells Lou that he's going to go to Alicia and Rupert's wedding on Saturday and that she's coming with him. Alicia and Rupert finally come by to say hello. It isn't the most charming interaction in the world, but it could have gone a lot worse. Lou asks Will to dance. She goes on Will's lap, and they whirl around the dance floor, having a great time and attracting many confused stares. At the end of the night, Lou persuades Will to go on a trip with her.
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    Chapter 19

    When they got home Nathan, annoyed at how Lou took care of Will at the wedding. Will drank a bunch, which is a really bad thing for him health wise. Will puts on a strong front, but Nathan can tell that he's hurting. Later, Will and Lou reveal their plan for a gate away vacation and invite Nathan along.
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    Chapter 20

    Lou tells Patrick that she's not going to the Xtreme Viking marathon, which disappoints him, but not as much as the news that it's because she'll be on the trip with Will. Lou arrives at Patrick's home later to a suprising sight a romantic dinner. Patrick apologizes for being so distant and promises to be better once the marathon is over. Lou and Patrick have a nice dinner. That's until he sees her vacation plans. He demands that she cancel the trip. Lou's answer is "But he needs me."
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    Chapter 21

    Lou has moved into the Traynor house. Steven likes her, so it's all good to him. Steven descibes going out for a drink with Della, his mistress. It seems like he was planning on leaving his wife before Will's accident turned upside down. Also, Will is struck with pneumonia.
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    Chapter 22

    Lou rushes into the hospital. Lou sits with Will until he wake up in the middle of the afternoon. He's in rough shape. After a bit of idle conversation, Will finally says the things Lou fears most he's not healthy enough to go on the trip. Lou asks Nathan if he knew about Will's plan for assisted suicide. Nathan does. While he obviously wants his friend to stay alive, as does Lou, he only wants him to hold on if he wants to live.
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    Chapter 23

    Lou and Will lie in bed while a storm rages outside. Will falls asleep as they cuddle. On the last day, Will and Nathan convince Lou to go scuba diving. She doesn't want to at first but she ends up having an amazing time. That night Lou dances as if no one was watching. And then it finally happened Lou kisses Will. Will stops Lou. It's not that he doesn't want to, but he knows he can't give her the life he wants her to have. The conversation doesn't end well.
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    Chapter 24

    Lou ignores Will for the rest of the trip. Once they arrive, Lou immediately bails on the family and heads to the bus stop. Mrs. Traynor follows her. Lou tells her that Will is going to go through with his plan. Camilla nearly passes out.
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    Chapter 25

    Treena reveals that Lou got a letter from the college while she was away, which she went ahead and opened. Lou has an interview the next. Lou also decides to tell her parents everything about the Will situation. Her dad is sad but sympathetic, while her mom is horrified and angry. Lou's dad notes that the Traynor family hasn't been home for the last couple of days. Lou realizes that tomorrow is the big day. Will is still alive, and Mrs. Traynor has booked Lou a flight out to Switzerland tonight.
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    Chapter 26

    Lou's mom is beyond furious when she finds out that Lou is heading to Switzerland. She tells her that she "needn't come back" if she decides to go through with it. Lou and Will share a intimate moment. Lou tells Will that it's been "the best six months of her entire life". He says the same thing. Lou and Will cuddle and kiss, and Lou feels more torn than ever. She doesn't know how long this moments lasts, but she suddenly feel Will loosen up and asks her to send his parents in.
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    Chapter 27

    While looking at some legal documents filed by governmental officials. They show that Will went through with the assisted suicide, the government decided not to prosecute the family, and Will named Lou as a beneficiary in his will.
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    Lou opens a letter, which she's been waiting to read because the envelope instructs her that she can only read it at the exact cafe, eating the same croissants and coffees. She opens the letter, it gives her tips for her trip to Paris, and talks her through the process of collecting the inheritance Will has left for her. Then Will thanks her for making him happy and asks her forgiveness for the pain he has caused. He then tells her one last time how much he has loved her ever since they met.