Ch 6 by Mike Nazzaro 3rd bell

  • nondum lucer,cornelia surgit et per villam ambulat

    There is not yet light, Cornelia gets up and walks through the country house.
  • adhuc dormiunt pater et mater et marcus in villa

    Still the dad and mom sleep and Marcus is in the house.
  • omnes iam surgunt et laborare parant servi et ancillae, quod cornelium et aureliam timent

    Everyone now stands up and prepares the slaves and slave girls because Cornelia and Aureliam are scared.
  • Cornelia ancillam nomine Syram, per villam observat.

    Cornelia named the slave girl Syram she observes through the country house.
  • multi servi mox strenue in agris laborant

    Many slaves soon strenuously work in the feilds.
  • pater surgit et petit servum, davum qui in horto est.

    The dad gets up and looks for the slave, Davum who is in the garden.
  • ubi corneliam audit, davus statim surgit et labore nunc parat quod pater observat.

    when Corneliam hears, Davus immediately gets up and works because the dad observes.
  • interim, mater surgit iam et docet filiam, corneliam curure villam.

    Meanwhile, the mom gets up now and teaches her daughter, corneliam
  • Cornelia ancillam observat.

    Cornelia observes the slave girls.
  • neque servum neque ancillam necesse est reprehendere.

    Neither the slaves nor the slave girls need to be reprehended.