Travel and tourism

  • Period: to

    Holiday camps

    Between these dates, holiday camps were at their peaks, catering for about 60 percent of the market. Warners, Butlins and Pontins were among some of the biggest names on the market at that time. They all started to become less popular in the 1970's.
  • Reservations and bookings

    Bookings were made easier with the advance of technology. Although mosty of the demand grew in the 1950's.
  • Period: to

    Technological development - Reserbation and bookins

    A huge impact that has been brought on to the travel and tourism industry is that you can now make a booking, and the seat will be saved for you. As demend for travel grew in the 1950's most of the high streep and more popular companies introduced reservation bookings. With the aid of the modern computer airline and tour operator companies developed their own systems. After a while these all developed into becoming a majour part in the travel and tourism industry.
  • Transport development - air

    new panger jets were uintroduced, it nwas begining commersial service in 1959.
  • Transport Development -Rail.

    since the start of the 1960's the gonverment have helped to cut rail services and closeed many railway stations. More people prefered to travel by car other than rail.
  • Development of tourism act.

    the development of tourism act, The acts aim to coordinate with other organisations, they all work together. These are in the tourism sector.
  • Package holidays

    Vladimir Raitz organised the first pacage holiday, these included accomodation, flights and transfer and full board package. Most of the holidays became more popular in the 1970's asm more people wanted to see new places. Currency restrictions were ristricted in 1970.
  • Transport acts 1980 & 1985

  • Package travel, pakage holidays and package tours regulations.

    as a direct result of an EC directive, since 1992. All UK tour operators have had strict rules and regulations, these set out the tour operators' responcibilities to their customers, and what those customers can do if those regulations are breached.
  • Reduced: Air passenger duty

    the air passenger duty was reduced on economy flights, this means that thereisnt a limit on how many tourists could enter the country. This was increased greatly in 2006.
  • Tourism stratergy

    Tomorows tourism - the new growth inbdustry, this helps the economy and celebreates the new mimlenium. this ios still valid, although it has been reviewed.