PA history

By kbeaver
  • Period: to

    PA history from 1600 to 1700

  • Hudson explores future PA

    Hudson explores future PA
    Holland hires Henry Hudson to explore the land that will be PA.
  • New Ampsterdam

    New Ampsterdam
    English troops occupy New Amsterdam, PA remains a part of amsterdam colony
  • Tinicum island established

    Tinicum island established
    Swede's establish permanent towwns in PA ( Tinicum island )
  • Penn born

    Penn born
    William Penn, founder of Pa, is born.
  • King signs Charter

    King signs Charter
    King Charles II signs charter of PA
  • Duke of York deeded counties of Deleware

    Duke of York deeded counties of Deleware
    The Duke of York deeded William Penn the three lower counties of Deleware.