Ada byron

776 and beyond, this is the coolest projeject ever

  • Dec 31, 776

    homing pigeons

    -the kind of pigeon used was the wild rock pigeon
    -the average flying speed of the homing pigeon is 50 mph (80km)
    -homing pigeons are otherwise known as messenger pigeons or carrrier pigeons
  • Period: Dec 31, 776 to


  • newspappers in germany

    before newspaper two major kinds of new were pudication and handwritten citizen did not like it before newspapers they were fruquent unlike single item news first newspaper was Strasburg Intervals
  • mechanical semaphone invented

    first person to us it was claude chapppe (1792) sends messages from city to city series of relay stations to do this like the telegrapgh messages by morse code before this invention
  • Ada byron a mathematician

    Ada byron a mathematician
    1) lived and died (1815-1852)
    2) nickname is lady lovelace
    3) she looks like a old person that lives in a castle
  • Samuel Morse invents telegraph.

    The year after the Morse code was invented, the machine was modified to emboss(carve) paper with dots and dashes.
    Five years after the invention, the Goverment funded 30,000$ for a new experimental telegraph machine.
    After the completion of the new machine it was able to send messages up yo 40 miles away.
    The Goverment was able tohook up a telegraph machine to the Capital. It was the first news dispatch.
  • Transalantic cable

    1) in 1866,july 27th, there was the first successful transmissions over a transalantic cable.
    2) Transalantic cable handled 8 words a minute in 1866
  • Alexander Bell invents the telephone.

    The telegraph machine had been around for 30+ years bbefore the invention of the telephone.
    On june 2nd 1875 Alexander Bell relized that you could hear sound through a wire.
    The first words into the newly invented telephone were, Mr.Watson, Come here, I want to see you. Those words were spoken between nextdoor roms.
  • CHICKEN Long distance phone call CHICKEN

    CHICKEN Long distance phone call CHICKEN
    1) the inventor was alexander graham bell
    2) he made the first long distance phone call. on 94 tutela heights rd august 10,1876
    3) there were actually three successful tests from the homestead to the general store in mount pleasant
  • Thomas Edison Invents Phonograph To Record Sound

    Thomas Edisons first words into the phonograph were "Mary had a little lamb"
    Thomas Edison got the idea for the phonogram as he was trying to make the telegraph more modern.
    In his first phonograph by Thomas Edisonwas made with paraffin paper, he later changed to metal.
    Soon after the invention, it turned into a huge part of the American industry.
  • Gugliermo marconi sends first radio singal across the atlantic

    Gugliermo invented the radio won nobel prize in physics for his invetion of the radio quickest messaging was morse code before this people thought that the radio waves would b caught in earths curves.
  • bellnograph-wirephoto

    the first wirephotos were slow and didnt copy/ reprodusce well
    -dr. bladamir zworykin figured out how to reproduce the photos better
    -wirephoto machines were very expensive and large and you would've needed a "dedicated phoneline"
    -a navy ship crashed on the california coast and a wirephoto was sent to new york news.
  • The first homes to get a tv to watch brodcasted programs

    The tv set was named the "Jekins System" after Charles Jenkins.
    At the time of this tv, the qualitie was not suitable for commercials.
    At most, 42 states were in operation with this kind of tv.
    This type of tv stayed in production until 1934.
  • first communication satellite is launched

    first olympics in asia telecast to the us using sycome 3 they put this historic olympics on film as a documentry telecast with out tape which was the first to do it.
  • internet invented by the goverment

    state must guid other markets importent implacation cause so many road blocks internet is typical goverment program internet owe it very existence to the state and state funding
  • The first email messages are sent.

    The first email messages are sent.
    1) After a few test messages,ray tomlinson was satisfied enough with his invention to show it off to the rest of the group.
    2) The first real e-mail message was sent in 1971
  • First emoticon

    1) the first emoticon message was sent in 1979
    2) 20 years ago it was made up it was said in (2002)
    3) Scott e Fahlman came up with the first emoticon
  • The firstcell phones are avalable for sale

    In 1978 in Chicago they had 2000 trial customers for their new technolegy of the cell phone. This wat done by AT&T and Bell.
    In 1981 Moterola and ART made a U.S cellular radio telephone that was tested in the Washington/Baltimore area.
    The FCC finaly made a commercial cellular service for the U.S in 1982. One year after the invention there started to be commercials for them.
  • tim berners lee creates the worldwide web

    -tim berners lee was an oxford university graduate
    -tim berners lee worked for a telecommunication company
    -in 1998 google search was invented for the internet
    - in 2009 the internert had its 40th anniversary
  • first web browser

    -mosaiac was the first web browser
    -it was named for support of multiple internet protocals
    -mosaic was the first browser to put images with text other than images on other pages
    -mosaic development began in december 1992