Headcount Planning FY12-FY14

By lcm
  • Period: to

    Jeff and Susan preview headcount planning to VPs

    In check-ins this week, review timeline, deadlines, and possible pre-work with VPs
  • SVPs receive headcount tool from Beki/Annie

  • Period: to

    VPs determine headcount needs for FY12-14

    Meet with BP as thought partner during this time
    Meet with SVP on major questions during this time
    Determine alternate structures for team in out years
  • Period: to

    Discuss guidelines with Matt in November stepback with him

    Discuss headcount guidelines and larger strategy questions with Matt in your November longer meeting with him in order to get as much clarity as possible on his expectations and constraints.
  • Subteam headcount plans due to SVPs

  • Period: to

    SVPs review subteam headcount plans; come to prelim decision

    VPs will have submitted their plans by Friday, November 5. Take two weeks to review them and get all your questions answered, and come to a preliminary decision on headcount to request so that by November 19, you have a working headcount plan for all three years.
  • SVP/BP review of headcount plan, close to final draft

    This should be your current best thinking for TPSD headcount for the next three years.
  • Thanksgiving

  • Period: to

    SVPs clean up final details with VPs

    There might be quesitons that arise later, issues that tale longer to resolve, or questions that arise from the SVP.BP conversation on 11/22. This is the time to figure those out and get to final.
  • SVPs and Laura meet @ WL retreat to define final changes (approx date)

  • TPSD headcount plan due to Matt for review!

  • Period: to

    Headcount, budget, goals review with Matt

    Preview goals, initiatives, FTE plans, budgets with Matt. Meeting dates to be scheduled.
  • Headcount, budget and plan due!