Events up to WWII

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    Events up to WWII

  • Nazi gain popularity

    The Nazis gain popularity in votes. They have a majority of germany.
  • Hitler is in Power

    Hitler comes to Power
  • Rearmament begins

    Rearmament begins against restrictions of the Versailles Treaty
  • Hitler reoccupies Rhineland

    Hitler reoccupies the rhineland without opposition
  • Spanish Cilver War starts

    The Spanish Cilver War starts
  • Blitzkrieg it tested

    Blitzkrieg is tested in spanish cilver war.
  • Neutral Act declared by U.S.

    U.S. delcars embargo to the countries at war.
  • Francisco Franco becomes Fascist

    Francisco Franco becomes Fascist dictator of Spain.
  • Czechoslovakia falls

    Czechoslovakia falls to Germany
  • Austria is Annexed

    Austria is Annexed by Germany because all opposition is silenced, including the assassination of the prime minister.
  • Invasion of Poland

    Germany invades Poland