Evolution of Communication

  • Jan 1, 1116

    Books Are Created

    Books Are Created
    Chinese sew pages to make stitched books.
  • Jan 1, 1452


    Metal plates are used in printing.
  • Jan 1, 1560

    Postal service

    Postal service
    Legalized, regulated private postal systems grow in Europe.
  • Microphone

    In London, Wheatstone constructs a microphone.
  • Telegraph

    Wheatstone and Cooke patent an electric telegraph in England.
  • Telephone

    Bell invents the telephone.
  • Transmitting Data

    Transmitting Data
    A photograph is transmitted by wire in Germany.
  • Broadcasting Stations

    Broadcasting Stations
    The first broadcasting stations are opened.
  • Television

    Baird demonstrates an electro-mechanical TV system.
  • TV News

    TV News
    TV news "comes of age" in reporting JFK assassination.
  • Microprocessor

    Intel builds the microprocessor, "a computer on a chip."
  • IBM PC/Laptops

    IBM PC/Laptops
    The IBM PC.
    The laptop computer is introduced.
  • Pictographs 3500 BC

    Pictographs 3500 BC
    In Sumer, pictographs of accounts written on clay tablets.
  • Invention of Paper 105AD

    Invention of Paper 105AD
    T'sai Lun invents paper.