• Washington

    Named after Columbus the District of colombia became the new capital. Being built over a swamp.
  • Chief Justice

    John Marshall is appointed chief Justice of the supreme court. The first in the history of America.
  • West Point

    Before it became an Ameican Military Acedemy it was a military base during 1778. Where it housed soldiers fduring the American Revolution.
  • Aaron Burr = Treason

    Aaron Burr is arrested by America for Treason. He was arrested for trying to build an army and annex (take over) Louisiana and mexico into an indipendant Republic. Ending in one of his people betraying him ultimatly leading to his capture.
  • The Duel

    Aaron Burr Challenged Alexander Hamiliton to a duel so Burr can redeem himself in weehawken, New Jersey. Hamilton thinks they will both miss so they can live. But Burr wants Hamilton dead. Hamilton shoots,misses. And Burr kills Hamilton.
  • Embargo Act

    Congress and the President forbid American ships to leave port. In response to an incident involving the U.S.S chesapeake and the hms leapard. The leapard fired on the Chesapeake killing 3 and wounding 8.
  • 4th president of the United States

    James Madison is inaugurated as the 4th president. He would be in office for the upcomming conflict between the US and Great Britain. The war of 1812.