Evolution of Hardware

  • Period: to


  • 1990

    Macintosh Ilfx was released. Two months later, Microsoft introduced Windows with similar technology
  • 1994

    Intel released its first version of the Pentium Processor.
    Microsoft began to produce anti-virus software.
  • 1995

    Sony released its first version of Playstation
  • 2006

    Nintendo releases the Wii
  • 1951

    The first commercially successful electronic computer, UNIVAC, was also the first general purpose computer – designed to handle both numeric and textual information.
  • 1954

    FORTRAN (FORmula TRANslation), the first high-level programming language development, was started by John Backus and his team at IBM
  • 1958

    Integrated Circuit was invented at Texas Instrument
  • 1967

    First floppy disk was invented
  • 1972

    The first international connections to ARPANET are established. ARPANET later became the basis for what we now call the Internet.
  • 1976

    Development of Apple
  • 1979

    Compact Disk was invented
  • 1985

    Sony and Philips invented the CD-ROM
  • 1989

    World Wide Web was invented