History of Afganistan

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    History of Afganistan

  • Habibullah's Assassination

    In 1919, Habibullah was assassinated. His third son then took control of Afganistan and won back land for Afghanistan. They now celebrate Indepence Day on August 19 in commemeration of the event
  • Amanullah's Fall

    Amanullah tried to un-isolate his country and modernize it. This was a mistake because he tried to change basic Islamic principles. He was then forced to abticate.
  • Nadir Khan

    Nadir defeated Bacha-i-Saqao, giving him the throne. However, four years later he was killed by a student
  • Reign of Mohammad Zahir Shah

    Mohammad, Nadir Knan's son, became king and reigned from 1933 to 1973
  • Communism's Rise

    Mohammad created an " experiment in democracy" which did not do much for democracy, but did see the creation of very extremist parties including Commuism.
  • Daoud's Republic

    On July 17, 1973, former Prime minister Daoud seized controll from Zahir Shah, creating a republic, making himself President and Prime Minister
  • Communism's Coup

    On April 27, 1978, a popular Communism party staged a coup, killing Daoud and most of his family. They then created the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan.
  • Insurgency

    In the summer of 1978, a revolt slowly changed into a country-wide insurgency to fight the Communist invaders.
  • Help from Moscow

    In December of 1978, Moscow signed a bilateral agreement to help the Communist government in Afganistan.
  • Rejection of the Communist Regime.

    Within 18 months of the Communist rule, the people of Afghanistan were sick of them disrespecting their culture. During this time many of Afganhistan's "elite" were exiled or killed.